Starting to use sex toys with your partner is exciting but unfamiliar. During your solo pleasure moments, it is easy to use your sex toy since you are super familiar with it. But, for your partner, you need to communicate with them about exploring the use of a sex toy before trying it out. After you agree on bringing the toy to your bedroom. How do you go about using the sex toys together? You can start by searching on for partner-specific toys and check various techniques you can try out. If both of you are curious, you will enjoy adding sex toys to excite your sex life. In this article, are ways you can use sex toys with your partner.

  1. Masturbate together 

Sometimes using the toys together can mean using them separately. Through mutual masturbation, you find not only a way to use your sex toys with your partner, but ways to explore your bodies. In this way, you show your partner what you are into and get off together. Also, if your partner has a penis and they are new to using sex toys. This will be a great time to introduce them to options that are available to them. For instance, the male masturbator and many others in the market that you feel will give him the much-needed pleasure.

  1. Get creative with your senses 

Sensation play is vital especially as part of foreplay. You can find many ways to play with all of your senses with the help of toys during sex. For instance, you can experiment with temperature with metal toys, that you can run under hot or cold water. Also, you can try warming toys that feel great on all your erogenous zones. Additionally, you can try sensory deprivation for either of you. Since it makes the touch of a toy more intense with the sense of sight, for example. To try this, get some satin blindfolds to practice with.


  1. Experiment with edging 

Toys are the best when it comes to edging. This is the act of getting your partner or yourself close to orgasm before it happens. Simply, pushing each other to the edge of an orgasm and backing off before repeating it. It is teasing and sexy, but it comes in handy in helping your partner and you, tune into exactly what needs to happen to help each other orgasm. Since most women use toys to achieve an orgasm, most penetrative sex toys will be perfect tools for edging with a partner or for solo time.


  1. Explore your entire body with the toy 

As you start using these toys, it is good to think outside the box. For instance, you can experiment with how the vibration will feel on your nipples or how a smooth dildo feels running down your back. Before using it on your genitals as the toy should, feel how it feels on the rest of your body first. Importantly, ensure that the toy is safe, as an example, anything you use for anal play should have a flared base to prevent it from getting stuck up there.


  1. Reverse roles 

Toys provide various opportunities you can try that you were not able to. Therefore, you can use your toys to reverse roles between you and your partner. One way to try this is to use a strap-on to penetrate your partner that always penetrates you. However, a role reversal can be anything both of you feel comfortable doing. You can use gentle toys on someone who loves it rough or restraints on a partner who loves being dominant. You and your partner should however decide on the roles you are playing every time.

  1. Use remote-controlled toys 

Vibrators and vibrating plugs are some of the toys that come with a remote and can come in handy in various ways. It gives you control over your partner’s pleasure as you can choose the pattern of vibrations and the intensity. What’s better is other remote-controlled toys work long-distance through using apps. So, you can tease your partner from a separate room or an entirely different home or city.



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