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Seattle Seahawks Defensive Preview
Seattle Seahawks Defense
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Seattle Seahawks: Defensive Preview – Return of the Boom?

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The Seattle Seahawks had a top-five defense again last season.  They finished third in points allowed with 18.2; they finished eighth in pass defense and seventh in rushing. The problem was in many of the games they held their opponents to under 18 points they would end up not scoring on offense.

Here are a few of the games, which the example will be given. Against the Rams week 2, they held the Rams to 9 points but lost 9-3.  Again, in week six held the Cardinals to 6 points and ended up tying 6-6. Week 12 held Tampa to 14 points and only managed five so another loss.  You should win those games without any issues. Instead, the Seahawks dropped two out of three and tied one.  If they are going to do the same this year, it will be up to the offense to step up and win those games.

They are returning a healthy Earl Thomas, which will make them even better on the defensive side of the ball. Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, and Frank Clark are three of the beasts that make up the front four. The middle of the line will be second-year player Jarran Reed and a rookie who really was a top five talent, Malik McDowell. At the linebacker position, they have the third best player on the roster in Bobby Wagner. He is a sideline-to-sideline machine who can run with the tight ends and hang with the running backs. By far one of the most underrated LBs in the league.

In addition, they are bringing back Sherman and Chancellor to the corners. In addition, they drafted UCF standout Shaquill Griffin who will have a chance to make his mark early on in this awesome Seattle Defense. Newly signed Safety, Bradley McDougald will help Thomas come up and play the run while he will drop to cover the deep balls.

This defense has the chance to be as good as the 2013-2014 defenses and get the Seattle Seahawks back to the Super Bowl. If they do and can get home-field advantage look out for them to be a tough out in the NFL playoffs.

Editor’s Note: This article can also be seen in our upcoming NFL Preview Edition.

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