No matter where you live and how safe your neighborhood is, everyone should avoid a few things so that their home security can be enhanced. Every homeowner has the responsibility to take care of their house and ensure that their house is safe from burglaries and trespassing. Also, burglars can be anywhere, and even if your neighborhood is considered the safest, it doesn’t mean it can’t be robbed. Your home security is in your hands, and hence check out these common home security mistakes that most homeowners make. Avoid them, and you will increase the safety of your house and everyone living inside.

Poor Quality Door Locks

Having poor-quality door locks means you are risking the safety of your home. Thumbturn cylinder, double, and standard single locks are considered to be the most vulnerable. These are some of the types of locks that homeowners should stay away from. These locks are easy to break, and once broken, burglars and thieves will get immediate access to your home. The best kind of locks to go for are anti-snap locks and deadbolt locks. If you aren’t sure which lock will be the best for your home, better to speak to a locksmith, and you will come to know about better choices.

Never Leave A Spare Key Outside Your House

There are a few familiar spots where homeowners leave their spare keys for other family members to get quick access to their homes. However, these are the spaces that anyone can be familiar with. For example, hiding a spare key underneath the doormat, inside a flower pot, and so on. The risk of finding your house key is very high. Hence, one should stop doing that. The good thing to do would be to let the other member have an additional pair of keys, which they can use once they are at the location.

You are Overprotecting your House

Taking care of your house’s security is of paramount importance, but that doesn’t mean you should overdo it because that’s how your home can become a target. Having gates, fences, and high hedges can indeed provide you with enhanced safety, but the same things could be doing more harm than protecting your vicinity. Try not to have tall trees and bushes around your property because they become an ideal spot for intruders to hide in.

Creating Blind Spots

Just like planting tall trees and bushes can cause harm, lighting up the garden in an uneven way can jeopardize your home security as well. Having lights outside your property is essential, but how you install them will mean a lot to your home’s security. Static lights, for example, create a beam that is pointed in a specific direction, but this also means that they will create pockets of darkness. Yet again, the perfect hiding spot for intruders. The best lighting solution to go for will be using motion sensor lights. Once activated, motion sensor lights will detect the movements of people and alert you when there is an intruder around.

You Are Leaving Valuable Things Outside

Houses with gardens often have items that could be valuable for both you and intruders. The garage is another space, which often gets loaded with valuable items. Before getting into the house, burglars and thieves always check the weakest spot first. This could be open windows, garages, gardens, sheds, and more. If you have a habit of keeping valuable items outside your house, it’s time to bring them inside and start doing it consciously. Any items which are there in plain sight need to be removed.

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Never make the mistakes that this blog has shared; call the right locksmith Birmingham to do home security audits, and install the best quality locks that will augment your house’s security factor.

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