Video games don’t have as bad a reputation as they did a few years ago. Only recently, studies that removed certain prejudices from the public sphere came out again. And even if there are still more than enough people who think that gaming is lonely, depressive or even aggressive, the studies have refuted this with surprising results. Even politics no longer sees the hobby as a disruptive factor, but now even appreciates it as a kind of art and culture.

The e-sports scene in particular has established itself here with its numerous leagues, and there are plenty of prizes to be won. So it’s no wonder that you can now place your bets in this area as well. And the following article shows what there is to know about it. Sites sites like for more information about esports.

These games are supported

Sports betting in the e-sports sector is generally not difficult to find, as almost every major provider now offers this category. In Germany, it is primarily these games that can be relied upon as betting enthusiasts:

  • FIFA
  • League of Legends (LOL)
  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike (CS:GO)
  • Starcraft 2
  • Hearthstone

However, depending on the sports betting provider (usually they are) you can also give tips for various tournaments in the E-Sports section, which are normally not so common. In addition, among other things, Call of Duty or Quake are offered. Here the sports betting provider DatBet is recommended as a rule, which has obtained its licence from the Netherlands and has made e-sports its speciality. One must say however to it that lately ever more complaints collected themselves, which maintain, the offerer would not pay its profits reliably. Therefore, experts currently advise against getting involved with this provider.

Does e-sports have a future?

Especially with regard to the reputation and popularity of video games, one can assume that betting providers will expand their betting services in the near future in order to offer even more games and betting options. Because our gaming culture is somewhat lagging behind in this respect, considering that video games and the associated e-sports are already fully recognised in other places and that there are therefore numerous tournaments and competitions, which are even broadcast on television.

However, this attention will probably only be paid to us when the older generation slowly gives up the television programme and the gaming generation uses certain video portals to design the television programme itself. Important portals that currently exist for this purpose are, for example: YouTube, or Twitch.

However, it is unlikely that video games will make it all the way to classic television. There were already a number of stations that would have been able to do this, but they were unable to compete with the major stations.

With Twitch, for example, it is now possible to follow almost every major e-sports event. However, most of the viewers are not yet at an age at which it would be allowed to bet. However, it is only a question of time and the providers are sure that they will see an increase in E-sports bets in the coming years. Logically, they will then also expand their offering and offer all events for betting.

This is how it looks in the other countries

In Asia, technical progress is not only noticeable in a wide variety of devices. The e-sports scene has long since become an integral part of society and the sports programme, especially in countries like South Korea. Here, the games are even broadcast on television at prime time. And this is not least due to the fact that almost every viewer plays the affected game himself.

In South Korea, unlike here, gaming was never a problem and therefore developed rapidly into a popular sport. So there is hardly a South Korean who doesn’t play himself from time to time. This behaviour is comparable to the Bundesliga in this country. Similarly in South Korea the E-Sport, its teams and naturally the individual players are admired.

There are these betting possibilities

The currently most played games in the field of e-sports are strategy games in which the main goal is to outdo the opponent through speed and a good strategic approach. This includes among other things: Starcraft 2, and Dota 2.

But also shooters are played with pleasure. And this includes Counter Strike in the first place. Because this game made the Shooter only to the E-Sport.

Bets can also be placed on the strategy game League of Legends (LOL). This is about professionalism, which demands a high reaction ability.

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