Watching Ricky Williams talk about marijuana, corporate America (NFL), and the portrayal of marijuana couldn’t have been any truer. The problem with the image of marijuana is that there’s one side of the spectrum to supports it’s medicinal purposes and perhaps recreational use with tax, and another which views it as “devil’s lettuce” and a complete harm to society. You can easily decide who is fighting for what.

The big, bad federal government is on the wrong side of the stick and have done it on more issues than they haven’t been. What do I mean by that exactly? It means, ladies and gentlemen, that the federal government has completely ignored, blocked, censored, and cried about the fact that over twenty states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. The agenda put forth by Nixon and Reagan continues today and they’re both dead, doesn’t that bother anybody?

The video above may have taken place years ago, but the stance made by the DEA recently shows they haven’t changed. Despite candidates like Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders, and Gary Johnson wanting to legalize marijuana, the DEA seemingly has no interest. They have everything to lose if it were passed, and that’s what it’s all about… MONEY!!!

There were petitions and other efforts to have the DEA possibly reconsider reclassifying marijuana from a schedule 1 drug amongst the likes of heroin and LSD. But, like in typical, ignorant, and completely arrogant responses of disconnect, the DEA didn’t try to sugarcoat their opinion of straight propaganda to protect the industries that bribe them and encourage them to keep their current statutes.

The DEA problem is something that every millennial has some knowledge of, we see the videos of the DEA barging into people’s homes and destroying precious and valuable property over a plant/herb that has been proven to help provide treatment alternatives to some of these side-effect ridden prescription drugs that doctors have given out like candy. By doing that, people eventually can’t afford the pills and resort to heroin, this problem has been prevalent in New England over the past couple of years.

As a lifelong Massachusetts resident, I’ve driven around at night and see people walking the streets like zombies. The next day, I pick up the paper to see yet ANOTHER overdose on heroin. Heroin is the real drug that’s destroying our neighborhoods. I had a close friend with insight of the area I live in, and he told me that he thinks there’s a “user” (heroin user/addict) on every street in the middle of town. That’s a strong claim but we all know that’s more than a regular crisis. Many of these users were once hooked on OxyContin, a drug that surfaced in southeast Mass fifteen years ago.

Massachusetts State Rep. Shauna O’Connell has opposed legalization in Massachusetts, and quite honestly, this is a statement that doesn’t have legitimacy.

“One of my top concerns, especially as a mom, is that we are in the midst of a drug epidemic that is taking the lives of so many of our loved ones across the state. This sends the wrong message,” said O’Connell on August 3rd to the Taunton Daily Gazette.

If Rep. O’Connell was being a “mom” as she said, why doesn’t she understand the past and what censorship of other “products” and see the results… The results aren’t pretty, marijuana isn’t a problem in Mass, but she isn’t the only state rep that has ignored the bigger problem, and that’s heroin!!! Local enforcement can only do so much but condoning this message just makes you a numbskull out of touch with society. I guarantee there are worse things going on that trying to stop this ballot question which actually could make money for the state.

Local school districts (Massachusetts is an example) have either starting having Narcan on supply or have deeply considered it as a precaution. You would think the DEA would actually be chasing heroin down like they would track down terrorists, but it seems to me like marijuana is still the gold mine for the corrupt agency that was originally put in place by Richard Nixon.

Nixon, a known bigot of minorities, Jews, and catholic alike, viewed the DEA as a way to try and combat the drug use on the streets, it was of course, passed by an executive order. The DEA is basically in charge of honoring the Controlled Substances Act, which includes marijuana, steroids, and prescription meds not acquired through a pharmacy legally. In English, it’s outdated and recent research should’ve changed the minds of civilians, politicians, and others alike. But like many organizations with corrupt ties, they have special interests and don’t want to give up their power. The DEA costs taxpayers a total of $26.2billion and requested up to $28.6billion, and to do what exactly? The DEA costs taxpayers a total of $26.2billion and requested up to $28.6billion, and to do what exactly?

This organization employs the same fools that will claim that Prohibition was a success, but families like the Kennedys made their fortune rum-running and most of the mafias dealt with in the 50’s and 60’s were likely formed in the Prohibition Era which is proof that censorship of products only creates more problems in the long run for the safety of civilians and police officers. Isn’t that the same problem we still have with marijuana, LSD, and mushrooms among others?

The answer is yes, but like the politicians, the DEA would get “butt hurt” if you don’t like their agenda. I mean it’s sad that politicians would rather waste our money to consider building a wall over Mexico, drug test recipients receiving EBT benefits, but don’t want to legalize marijuana under the same mandates that alcohol has had since the Prohibition Movement ended.

The DEA has become such a joke that not only do people largely disagree with them, but we have evidence in Washington, Colorado, and the other states it’s become legal, that the world isn’t going to end, that the states can actually MAKE money, (Colorado made over $100million in tax money on marijuana). The PC Right (conservative Christians) can try and think that Nixon and Reagan were to want to clean the streets of drugs, but the fact is many have noticed that those two lied when they said they’re “small government” politicians and then spend boatloads of money on this false crusade to imprison vast amounts of people in private prisons.

Of course, I ask myself, didn’t Barack Obama promise to at least lessen the penalties of marijuana possession and use? Well, he promised marijuana reform that has been in the waiting for over seven years… Since we know it’s not going to come with Obama, Trump, or Clinton, let’s brace ourselves for more federal corruption to protect the corporations who’ve crippled this country.

The Final Verdict:

I’m for the legalization of marijuana, I see it as a way for the states to gain revenue that local communities desperately need. In MA, for example, school systems, local roads, and other businesses could benefit from the legalization of marijuana. Colorado had tax money returned to them because of the surplus generated.

Are there faults? Yes!!! It’s like anything in our society, edibles can cause sickness, but so can too much drinking or too much Taco Bell, the difference is that no one dies from marijuana use.

Our federal government will tell you that cocaine, the drug that led to harsher sentences for drug possession is labeled as safer than marijuana…why? Is it because cocaine is the “prep school drug?” I do think cocaine is very popular in wealthier and more prominent communities, but to say it’s safer than marijuana proves the DEA is trash from top to bottom.

I’ll leave with you with a segment of Ricky Williams, Seth Rogan, and Bill Simmons talking about the hypocrisy of the NFL over marijuana, drug testing, and other cool marijuana stories. STAY AWAY FROM SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA!!!! So to all the politicians, special interest groups, and voters… We already have to deal Donald Trump’s self-indulgence and arrogance along with Hillary Clinton’s ability to cause corruption with no consequences… Don’t screw it up anymore… This is a way to actually bring money in and the local governments around the country could use the extra push…