Operations Consulting

Operations consulting, often known as operations management, is classified as advice and/or operational services that help a business enhance its internal operations and overall performance across the supply chain. Operations management consulting projects help clients improve the efficiency of their operations by advising on and assisting with the implementation of changes to the target operating model, functional business operations, management systems, culture, and other elements of the value chain that are important to the organization.

The market for operations consulting services

Market research estimates that the operations management services market is valued at approximately $70-billion, accounting for slightly less than 30 percent of the worldwide consulting market and therefore constituting, along with Financial Advisory, the most important sector in the business. With an annual CAGR of 5% over the last six years, the market has grown from $56 billion in 2011 to $71 billion in 2016, bringing the total market size to $71 billion in 2016. Cost reduction and downsizing, especially during and after the financial crisis, improved performance, and the need for changes in functional departments such as human resources, finance, sales and marketing, and legal, are the primary demand drivers for outsourcing.

Operations consulting has the distinct advantage of being more adaptable to economic circumstances than other advising sectors, which is a fundamental industry feature. Strategy consulting demand, for example, is strongly correlated with business models. In contrast, M&A Advisory / Corporate Finance demand is heavily correlated with a healthy economy and acquisition appetite, and IT consulting demand is, to a certain extent, correlated with economic factors that shape capital investment budgets. On the other hand, operations management may enhance business performance in favorable and unfavorable market circumstances, allowing revenue development plans while also supporting downsizing and efficiency initiatives.

Role in Agrifood consulting

Agriculture Advancement & Food Security

Through creative thinking, multi-disciplinary knowledge, a deep grasp of the private sector, and cutting-edge analytics, they contribute to improving agrifood systems all over the globe.


They combine the potential of their deep domain expertise in agriculture with the skills of professional developers, engineers, data architects, and researchers from across the technological spectrum to create something really special.


They blend cutting-edge investor insights refined by experienced private equity specialists with agriculture-market knowledge and unique technologies to provide solutions for a wide variety of requirements.

Marketing & Sales

Commercial excellence may be achieved via a well-thought-out go-to-market strategy, pricing strategies, and sales execution.


Operating efficiencies and innovation for the future are fundamental to their customers’ ability to manufacture high-quality goods at a competitive price.

Agricultural Organization

They assist agriculture businesses in achieving the transformative change necessary to keep up with changing global consumer demand, developing agricultural trends, and digital disruptors.


Strategy We assist agricultural businesses in navigating a future fraught with uncertainty due to shifting commodity markets, environmental change, and the growth of digitalization as a disruptive force in the industry.


Transformation By combining unique tools and methods with unrivaled industry and functional expertise, we help our customers achieve long-term success in their businesses.

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