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San Francisco 49ers: Chip Kelly was not the problem

It’s a shame that a head coach was only given one season to turn around that won five games the previous year. Chip Kelly took the San Francisco 49ers job thinking he had time to rebuild. Make no mistakes about it, the 49ers are in rebuild mode.   But, what was actually expected of Kelly […]

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Pretty Little Liars New Year’s Resolutions

To all my Pretty Little Liars fans, we made it. 2016 is over and we are only three months away from the final 10 episodes of our favorite show. Name another show that has had the world waiting. Name another show that has managed to keep its audience on the edge of their seats for […]

WBLZ Radio

The Mad Scientist Sports Lab

What is WBLZ Sports? With the world becoming more and more PC, and less people being allowed to speak their mind, the need for WBLZ Sports was born. Not only is “We’ve got Ballz” our motto, but it is our way of life.  Your opinion will never be silenced on our broadcast. We have put together […]