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Culture: Bansheeing Around Pandora At Disney

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Animal Kingdom has recently added an amazing attachment to their park last month, and it was a take on the movie Avatar in the world of Pandora.

This park has been a big hit with current pass holders and out of state guests, with a spike an attendance and sales going through the roof for merchandise. Yet, when staying at a Disney resort, the resort has a special offer for resort guest to be able to view the park after closing hours.

So Animal Kingdom was the park that allowed extra magic hours by adding an extra two hours onto the allotted closing time. With half the amount of people who would be going to the park, my wife and I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and explore the world of Pandora.

Walking into Pandora, the walkway was filled with illuminating blues, yellows, purples, and greens, setting the vibrant scene of the Avatar World Of Pandora.

After observing the breath taking view of Pandora, we jumped in line to the highly anticipated ride of Avatar Flight of Passage, which unfortunately was a two hour wait, but with the view still being accessible, we were able to take in the amazing view, until walking into the facility to be able to witness the excitements of the Avatar individuals themselves.

After being able to experience the long awaited arrival of our “Flight of Passage” we finally were able to match up with our flying partner and became attached to our Banshees, which is the flying creature seen in the Avatar movie.

Once attached to our Banshees, we walked into the room to “ride” our Banshees.

We approached the motorcycle looking seat to and jumped on to it the same way we would a motorcycle, one leg over, and then have a seat. Once leaned forward and pressed against the seat, the back reaches up and secures you in, and the front screen drops in front of you and you soar into the sky with your Banshee.

The Banshee flys you around Pandora, seeing all the wonders of their world, from other Banshees, and other creatures of Pandora. When flying, your legs are in the holders, and you can feel the Banshee breathing, and making the movements, enhancing the entire flight and guest experience. After ending the ride, you return your 3D glasses and exit the facility.

The ride is honestly one of the best rides that are at the Walt Disney World, and even at Animal Kingdom.

This ride is definitely worth a 2 hour wait, and as an annual pass holder, I rarely every day that. If making a trip to The Walt Disney World, be sure to check the ride and the entire Pandora experience.

This is a major upgrade for Disney and the entire Animal Kingdom park as a whole.

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