Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars: Is Mona smart, crazy, dangerous or does she have a twin?

Afer watching the Pretty Little Liars episode, Farewell, My Lovely, it hit me that Mona may be the MOST important character in the show. For years we have drooled over Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Alison but we kind of turned our backs on Mona. We knew she was always there and even when she wasn’t, Mona was […]

Banshee @ Kings Island
Banshee at Kings Island

Banshee Reigns Supreme Over Other B&M Inverts

B&M inverts are regarded as some of the best coasters in the world. Raptor at Cedar Point has long been my favorite invert coaster. However, after a ride on Banshee at Kings Island, I’m going to need to rethink that opinion. Of all the B&M inverts I’ve seen or ridden, Banshee is by far the […]

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars: Lucas Gottesman had to be the one who killed Charlotte, right?

The time has almost come to find the identity of A.D. aka Uber A on Pretty Little Liars. However, we’re still left in the dark as to who started this all. A.D. came for blood because someone killed Charlotte– the original A. But who? We will finally find out Tuesday but for now– I have a theory as […]

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Music: Why Chance The Rapper’s Be Encouraged Tour Will Be A Big Hit

Chance the Rapper announced after his first tour that he would be going on tour again including multiple cities he left out of his first tour, and multiple festivals. With Chance making his final stop in Tampa, Florida at the Amalie Arena. The city was already packed with U2 making it’s stop in Tampa as […]

Daddy's Home Mel Gibson
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Daddy’s Home 2: Mel Gibson Looks Like The Perfect Fit For Dusty’s Dad

There is something about pairing Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell that is comedy gold. The two have such great chemistry together on the big screen. The first film that immediately comes to mind involving the two is The Other Guys. Then back in 2015 the two joined forces again for Daddy’s Home. As expected, the film was […]


The Exiting Game for Every Family: Yes, No, Can Be

Because we want to make family gaming not just fun but also educational, I am sharing with you a family activity that’s meant to make all your brain cells work. We call this game yes, no, can be. We, the wellbeingkid family, plays this every time our brain needs some tickling, and each time is […]

Valravn at Cedar Point
Valravn - Cedar Point

Does Valravn At Cedar Point Measure Up To The Competition?

Cedar Point is home to some record breaking coasters. Valravn is the latest to debut at the park. It’s a top-notch thrill ride that’s guaranteed to get your blood flowing. A lot of enthusiasts will say Valravn was a disappointment. I’ll have to disagree with them. I thought Valravn was an excellent coaster. While not […]