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Breaking Bad: Could The Hit Show Follow in The Steps of Prison Break?

There are always going to be those hit television shows that fans hate to see end. The Sopranos is one that always comes to mind, with its ending that left fans asking for more. Dexter is another that ended in controversial fashion, leaving fans wanting a comeback. The same will likely be happen when shows like Game of […]

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Godspeed, Russian Bear Ivan Koloff

Ivan Koloff never got the respect he deserved. While many of us growing up knew him for his time in Jim Crockett’ outfit in the Carolinas and his hoarse accent as one of the best heels of my generation, Koloff did the unthinkable in 1971 by ending Bruno Sammartino’s reign in WWWF. His win, which […]

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Despite Kerry Washington, Scandal is not labeled an African-American show

I saw this question asked on Facebook and it brought up a heated debated. “Is Scandal a Black show”? No, it’s not. The lead character is African-American but other than that there is no other character of color that headlines the ABC drama. It was created by Shonda Rhimes, an African-American and there are three characters […]

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Music: Metallica, Lady Gaga to collaborate in the future?

We are almost two months into 2017 and I am about to say a pairing that we could be seeing some time in the future that I never thought I would be saying. There are rumors floating around that Metallica could be teaming up with Lady Gaga for some future work. Recently, Metallica had a […]

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Saw: Why it should be a television show.

One of the fastest growing genres on television is the horror series. From The Walking Dead to Stranger Things the popularity keeps growing. Even satirical horror such as Ash Vs Evil Dead and Scream Queens have a place on television. The one franchise I want to see convert from the big screen is Saw. Hear […]

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Chicago Fire: Severide is stuck between Stella and Anna

Despite Chicago Fire being based on actual fires, it’s the behind the scenes plots that make the show so appealing. This season has been focused more on relationships as we finally got to see Gabby and Matt tie the knot and Antonio and Brett try their hand at a relationship. However, the one we didn’t see […]

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead: Rick is ready to go to war with Negan

Season 6 of The Walking Dead left everyone in limbo. Who was Negan, and who did he kill. This season people anticipated for Rick to seek vengeance. Season 7 started with seeing the brutal deaths of both Abraham and Glenn and then seeing Rich bow down to Negan frustrating Walking Dead fans. As Rick continued […]