Fear The Walking Dead Season 2b Trailer released to rave reviews

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“We’re not going to make it”. Ofelia Salazar can be heard saying in the new trailer that was released at the San Diego Comic-Con for Fear the Walking Dead.

Season 2a ended with the supposed death of Daniel Salazar, Ofelia’s father, when he torched the walkers in the Abigail compound, causing everyone to flee.  The flames drew walkers from all over making everyone flee.  Travis Manawa went after his son Chris who exiled himself due to his ever-growing violent tendencies after the death of his mother.

Nick Clark told his mother, Madison, that he does not need them and leaves to walk with the undead.  Madison, Alicia, Ofelia and Victor Strand leave together.

This trailer shows the struggles that Nick will face on his own.  He has been shot in one scene, wherein another a mysterious Mexican doctor cures him and tells him, “It’s okay not to be scared to death, but that does not mean you should follow death.”  This is due to Nick’s cult-like fascination with the dead.  It seems that this cult-like fascination has also been adopted by a Mexican religion that has a fascination with death.

Nick also runs into Mexican drug-cartel members with whom it seems that he gets into a beef with.  These people love this lawless society.

Chris and Travis are seen fighting with zombies as well as discussing if they should reunite with the Clark’s or not.  Madison and Victor or shown back to back in a room surrounded by walkers.

This trailer got me excited for a show that I have been into ever since it began.  I was expecting a slow burn, and remember our characters are only a month and a half in into the Zombie Apocalypse.  When Rick Grimes woke up, it was already three months into it.

August 21 is the return date.  Be sure to mark that on your calendar.


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