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5 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Photos

Taking photos for social media can be daunting, especially for those new to the practice. Whether you're trying to capture the perfect selfie, take travel photos, or snap some lifestyle pictures, there are ways to make your shots look truly amazing. From creating the perfect look using a little bit of makeup to getting the lighting right, there are tips you can use to create stunning, engaging social media photos.
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Facebook Watch: CONFETTI MÉXICO, by Screenwriter Guillermo Noriega, Achieves Great Success.

After an exciting season, it is fair to say that the interactive show CONFETTI MÉXICO has become one of the most successful shows of the streaming service FACEBOOK WATCH, breaking rating records on the platform. According to FORBES, the streaming channel has more than 400 million viewers per month, and 75 million people watch at least one video on the Facebook platform a day. Outperforming any other show in the same genre (and
Effective Facebook Ads to Get More Leads
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11 Tips for Making Effective Facebook Ads to Get More Leads

One thing that you should learn about Facebook ads is that there are just so many things that you can do when you know how to use them properly. You will be able to target different audiences and groups depending on what you please. The customization of Facebook ads can be done very easily. In fact, in comparison to all of the other social media platforms out there, Facebook has
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3 Design Tips for Better Facebook Ads

As of 2020, over 2.5 billion people use Facebook actively. To put this into perspective, that is around one-quarter of the world population. Needless to say, this is a huge social platform, let alone marketing opportunities. Ideas are limitless - to make the most of it, read on to learn how to make your Facebook ads stand out…for the right reasons.     1. Target Audience Based Design  Running a successful
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5 Best Apps to Hack Facebook Online

Spying on someone’s Facebook account before the introduction of spy apps was expensive. You had to hire a private investigator to do the job for you. Regardless of how much you spent, it was difficult to access the target’s Facebook password details without the help of a hacker. Nowadays, hacking someone’s Facebook account is simple. You only need a spy app that allows you to do that remotely. However, with
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Social Media Marketing: How To Effectively Market Your Products And Services On Facebook!

When it comes to social media sites, Facebook is still the unbeaten champion in matters of advertising. In as much as it is the central online meeting point for friends who want to share stuff on the Internet, it is also the most preferred advertising avenue for a significant number of business people. Here, advertisers such as digital marketing company, Venngage and their blog on how to build a brand,
Buy Facebook Poll Votes
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Buy Facebook Poll Votes- Become the Winner on Social Media

In the last decade or so, social media managed to take over our lives and has now become an important part of our everyday routine. From a handful of options, it has now expanded considerably and there are a ton of networks that you can find. Nevertheless, Facebook has maintained its status and popularity amongst all the old and new options and remains a hotbed for social activity. Therefore, it
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Social Media: Five Ways To Use Facebook To Market Your Business!

Stand back billboards, 30-second radio plugs, and all-too-expensive TV ads. There’s a new marketing platform in town, and it so happens to be one of the most popular social media companies in the United States. Facebook isn’t merely a place to boast about your two-week vacay in the Maldives or post adorable pictures of your beloved feline companion. It’s also a marketing platform, bigger than Snapchat’s, bigger than Pinterest’s. With
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How to Create a Killer Social Media Marketing Plan For 2019

Today, social media is one of the most powerful tools for online marketers. According to statistics, in 2018, on average, people spent almost 2 and a half hours a day on social media. In a year, that’s one and a quarter months spent refreshing your social media network’s newsfeed. People tend to use social media surfing as a relaxation method. When your customers are relaxed you have the best chances
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Using Facebook Messenger & ManyChat for Marketing

Facebook messenger bots are on the rise in 2019, and because of this, there are all sorts of platforms which offer their smart bots in order to use them as a “primary” tool for your social media marketing campaigns. We’ve found that out of all of them, ManyChat is growing to be the much more popular platform, and is rising to the top of the Messenger streams in order to