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Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner: Episode 26

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In Episode 26 of Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner, Liberty Lad sums up the state of the current 2016 election and talks about the polarizing topic of tax returns. Hillary Clinton is immoral and corrupt, and her tax returns show it. A supporter of Trump releasing his returns, Liberty Lad thinks it’s important that transparency is alive and well in the Republican Party and also that we the Tea Party coalition continues to “vote your conscience.” Senator Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have joined forces seriously to question the motives behind Barack Obama’s $400 million ransom to the Iranians.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about the people nor does she care about the Constitution. This campaign shouldn’t be a problem for any other controlled, staunch conservative that actually believes in liberty and embraces the founding principles of this nation.  Donald Trump has shown that he is not a conservative, and he will have to make that transition, in my opinion, for him to have a chance in November.
Hillary Clinton’s tax returns show that she is deeply corrupt and reveal her many ties to foreign governments and Wall Street giants like Goldman Sachs. Isn’t it hypocritical that the current leader of the Democratic Party, a party that prides itself on helping the poor by recklessly expanding Medicare and Medicaid, is a crony-capitalist that used her important ties to search for power?
The Constitutional Conservative combo, Senator Mike Lee (R), and Senator Ted Cruz (R), are leading an effort to question and raise serious doubts about John Kerry/Barack Obama’s ransom payment worth almost half a billion to the Islamic-terrorists that rule Iran today. The entire well-crafted letter will be dissected in detail tomorrow.

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