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The Legal Cannabis Market in North America Is Exploding and One World Pharma Is Poised to Lead the Way

For the first time in a very long while, it’s actually a good time to be a stoner. State after state has passed legislation to repeal the ban on the use of medical and recreational marijuana. In many states like Nevada and Colorado, the repeal of strict cannabis laws has led to a huge amount of companies being created. The demand for legal cannabis has skyrocketed in recent years, and
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Shooting Vs Knife: 5 Things you need to know!

A knife is a lot more likely to be deadly than all but the biggest quality bullets, shotgun slug or shot ammunition. Why? With a single practiced dip, a knife wielder can open up a competition from the shoulder for their pelvis, ruining ligaments, muscle bones, and organs. This type of wound could be instantly disabling and in spite of the very best trauma care, it would probably be fatal.
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Auto: Top Benefits of Using a Catalytic Converter Cleaner for Your Car

Being a car owner is not just a privilege but a responsibility as well. On the one hand, you get to be the commander of your own commute, get a much greater freedom of travel and enjoy prospects of going on a road trip. However, if you’re not careful enough and neglect the maintenance of the vehicle, you risk having this entire situation backfire. If you’re not paying a close
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MLB Rumors: New York Yankees actively shopping Chase Headley, Brett Gardner

So far, the New York Yankees have made a couple of significant moves this offseason to help the roster in 2017. They would like to make a few more moves to help the team, but in order to make those moves, they need to cut salary from the payroll, which is why two current veterans are being actively shopped. [embedit snippet="2"] Both Brett Gardner and Chase Headley are being actively
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Fantasy Football: Week 14 Running Back Sleepers

At this point in the fantasy football season, you’re likely no longer streaming, but things like injuries and bad performances happen, and may leave you wanting for another running back this week. Below are three running backs available in 50% of Yahoo! leagues or more (and one out there in at least 90%) in the best position to be fantasy relevant in week fourteen.[embedit snippet="jeff-ads"] Kenneth Dixon at New England
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Philadelphia Eagles: Be Careful What You Wish For

The Philadelphia Eagles fans will get their wish granted. Wide receiver Nelson Agholor will either be deactivated tonight versus Green Bay or ride the bench most of the game. Newly signed Paul Turner will play mostly in the slot position and Jordan Mathews will pick up more targets as well. Eagles fans have had a very rocky relationship with Agholor from his first year. Agholor was a first round pick
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Shameless Season 7: Who will Ian choose, Mickey or Trevor?

Shameless ended off their ninth episode of season seven with a bit of a cliffhanger. Lip and Fiona were sitting outside in front of the Gallagher house when a car pulls up with really bright lights. Finally, an unknown man gets out of the car and asks the siblings if Ian was home. Ian comes outside and the man, who revealed himself to be a detective, dropped the bombshell Shameless fans have