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Philadelphia Eagles had the guts to do what the Rams couldn’t

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The Philadelphia Eagles made the right decision Monday morning when they made it official that rookie QB, Carson Wentz will start the season opener against the Cleveland Browns. The Eagles selected Wentz with the 2nd overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, and while it looked as if he would be the 3rd string, it went from worse to great for him in a matter of days.

When the Minnesota Vikings lost Teddy Bridgewater to an injury, the Eagles and Vikings made a deal that more than likely forced the Eagles hand into naming Wentz the starter. With Sam Bradford gone and Wentz still injured it seemed as though the starting job would fall to Chase Daniel but the team did an 180 and went with the future of the team as they should have.

On the other side of the country, the Los Angeles Rams did the exact opposite and will start veteran Case Keenum over #1 overall selection, Jared Goff. The QB competition between the two has been tight, but HC Jeff Fisher has seen enough and will give the ball to Keenum. The Rams have not made the playoffs since 2004 and were in need of a franchise player which prompted them to select Goff, but he will not get a chance to show his skills unless an injury or poor play calls for a change.

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When a franchise struggles, it’s for many reasons but to get out of that slump, they must be willing to take a chance. By naming Keenum the starter over Goff the Rams are saying we may have made a mistake, it’s a whisper now but how else do you justify sitting the top pick for a player that has started 15 games in four seasons? If Keenum is to exceed expectations then what does that mean for Goff in the long run?

The Eagles realized they want to win, the Rams are trying desperately not to be embarrassed, if that was the case then they should have never wasted that pick on Goff and went offensive line or WR.

Decisions like these are how a team either moves forward or takes a few steps back. The Eagles have decided they want to win, and they hope their future franchise player is the one that gets them there. The Rams are still in search of their future even though they supposedly took him with the overall #1 pick.

One team hasn’t been to the playoffs in 12 years while the other hasn’t been in two, there is a reason, and it starts with guts.

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