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Travel Money Group: What’s the what in currency markets this week

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As the dust settles on the long weekend and Aussies look towards a four day week (yay), the AUD is performing relatively well against major currencies compared to the last few days.

As it stands, one Aussie dollar can buy you:

0.6969 US dollars

74.95 Japanese yen

0.6012 euros

0.5236 Great British pound

0.8931 Canadian dollars

1.013 New Zealand dollars

If you were exchanging $2000 AUD today compared to Saturday the 26th January (or three days ago) you’d be sitting pretty with an extra $11.80 USD, 780 JPY, 5.80 GBP or 5.40 CAD. Sure, it might not sound like much but a few days’ difference in exchange rates can mean an extra snack or two on holiday.

Avoid missing out on your extra snack by adding Rate Guard ( to your transaction in a Travel Money Oz store. It’s free, and if the rate changes within 14 days of purchase they will give you the difference*.

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