Choosing somewhere to go on vacation is so hard now that we have information overload about every possible destination. You could easily spend so long reading travel articles, Tripadvisor reviews, watching YouTube videos and looking at Instagram photos that you just end up staying at home because you can’t choose and have run out of time.

Picking a vacation destination shouldn’t be a chore should it?

So, maybe we should be going the other direction when doing our research. Instead of deep-diving into the kind of analysis that would put scholars to shame, we should go for the minimalist approach. That’s what Expedia has done here with these posters for 14 of the most famous and iconic destinations around the world.

From the bicycle route that has replaced the Berlin Wall in Germany to floating villages at Siem Reap in Cambodia to the best place to get a shot of Sydney Opera House, these minimalist posters leave out all of the tourist fluff and tell just just what you need to know to make your visit special and memorable.

For example, if you were to visit Cape Town, its poster tells you where to go to get the best photo to take home of the famous Table Mountain (Bloubergstrand, if you were wondering), as well as where to get the flavor of local life and pick up some souvenirs at Neighbourgoods Market in Woodstock. When it comes to dining, it recommends potjiekos, a meat stew, while tells you not to miss seeing – and hearing – the penguins at Boulders Beach.

And that’s it, because what else could you need?

In Havana, the poster recommends taking a taxi ride in one of those old American cars as well as a visit to the Museum of the Revolution to see Fidel Castro’s tank, plus a meal of moros y cristianos (rice and beans). Freed from the hours of research and procrastination, you can finally start to enjoy the process of working out where to go on your next vacation. There’s plenty more inspiration you can find in these minimalistic posters, so the only question is which destination you’ll try first.

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