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2013 MLB All-Star Game: A Look At Snubs From The AL and NL

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The 2013 MLB All Star-Game rosters are finally set for the mid summer classic. Leaving some to wonder which players have been snubbed from the roster.  There were some key notables for each league if rosters were expanded and for most felt that based on stats alone should get it.  Both Jim Leyland and Bruce Bochy have both left out great talent!

A look at the AL snubs:

2nd Base Howie Kendrick of The Los Angeles Angels .317 average 10 HRS 37 RBI

3rd Base Josh Donaldson Oakland A’s .317 average s 15 HRS  57 RBI

3rd Base Evan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays  .292 average  17HRS 49 RBI

3rd Base Adrian Beltre Texas Rangers .309 average  17 HRS 46 RBI

Shortstop Jed Lowrie Oakland A’s .296 average 5 HRS 34 RBIS

Closer Grant Balfour A’s 22 out of 22 Saves 1.34 era

Closer Greg Holland Kansas City Royals  20 out of 22 saves 1.91 era

Starting Pitcher  Matt Moore Tampa Bay Rays  12-3,  3.43 Era

NL Notables:

Catcher Wilin Rosario Colorado Rockies  .273 average 13 HRS 43 RBI

1st Base Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves .307 average 9 HRS 56 RBI

1st Base Adrian Gonzalez Los Angeles Dodgers .296 average 13 HRS 53 RBI

3rd Baseman Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals .280 average 9 HRS 45 RBI

Shortstop Ian Desmond Washington Nationals .284 average 15 HRS 49 RBI

Left Fielder Starling Marte  Pittsburgh Pirates .294 average 8 HRS 26 RBI

Center Fielder Gerardo Parra Arizona Diamondbacks . 296 average 7 HRS 26 RBI

Right Fielder Jay Bruce Cincinnati  Reds .274 average 18 HRS 53 RBI

Right Fielder Yasiel Puig  Dodgers .420 Average 8 HRS 19 RBI

Starting Pitcher Shelby Miller St Louis Cardinals 9-6, 2.80 ERA

Starting Pitcher  Francisco Liriano Pirates  8-3, 2.20 ERA

Closer  Rafael Soriano Nationals 24 out of 27 save chances 2.19 ERA

Closer Edward Mujica Cardinals 22 out of 23 saves 2.48 ERA

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