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2014 NBA Las Vegas Summer League: Top Five Prospects

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(Jack Arent/Getty Images)
(Jack Arent/Getty Images)


With the 2014 NBA Summer League now in the books, here’s a look back at the five top prospects that stood out in Las Vegas.

1.) Giannis Antetokounmpo(SF, Milwaukee Bucks)‘The Greek Freak’ as he has been dubbed since he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2014 NBA Draft, was the most impressive prospect in the Las Vegas Summer League.

He has grown two inches from the time he was drafted, from 6’9 ft to 6’11 ft, which gives him the ability to defend multiple positions and it also makes it impossible for perimeter players to score on him.

He also showed off his improving offensive skills.

Antekokoumpo showcased very good ball handling skills and at stages he was running the offense from the point. He showed off a quality jump shot which stopped opposing defenders from sagging off him, showing that he can become the complete offensive package with his ability already to drive to the lane.

A bright future lies ahead for ‘the Greek Freak’.

2.) Andrew Wiggins (SG, Cleveland Cavaliers) – On the night Andrew Wiggins made his début for the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James announced he was returning home to play for the Cavs.

Taking some of the luster off the top overall pick’s debut, as all the attention was on LeBron returning to Cleveland.

Bizarrely, Wiggins began by shooting and missing multiple three-point attempts, currently his biggest weakness in his game, but as his first game and the Summer League progressed, Wiggins showed off his great strength, which is his athleticism and mid-range game.

Wiggins out of all the draftees from this year’s draft shows the most potential to be a two-way player.

3.) Jabari Parker(SF, Milwaukee Bucks) – Parker entered the Summer League in Las Vegas as the most hyped prospect.

While at Duke, he was dubbed the most NBA-ready player, Parker struggled throughout the Summer League with his shooting. What impressed about Parker’s game was that he did not get flustered when his shot wasn’t falling, instead he remained aggressive and got to the free-throw line and got easy buckets.  Parker showed that he will be a good rebounder. While Parker still needs to work on his body to become a better defender as he still struggles to stay in front of athletic wing players.

Buck fans must be excited about the prospect of ‘the Greek Freak’ and Parker blossoming together.

4.) Noah Vonleh(PF, Charlotte Hornets) – Vonleh had a terrible start to his Summer League for the Charlotte Hornets, scoring a big fat donut in his first game. Vonleh rebounded well in his second game by pulling down 18. At this stage of Vonleh’s game, his biggest strength is his rebounding ability. Vonleh had rebounding games of 11, 15 and 18. He also has a lot of offensive potential with his face up skills.

Unfortunately, his biggest weakness is a lack of strength and his inability to finish at the rim, but at 18, he has a lot of potential.

5.) Zach LaVine(PG, Minnesota Timberwolves) – LaVine is full of potential. He is a 6’5 foot point guard, who according to the Minnesota Timberwolves team doctor, still has another three inches to go, with out of this world athleticism and unlimited range on his jump shot.  What stood out about LaVine was the control he displayed throughout the Summer League.

This was particularly good to see as he didn’t even start at the point guard position while in College. Clearly, LaVine’s biggest weakness is his inability to finish at the rim, as he has no lower body strength.

A good start from the most unproven lottery pick in this year’s draft.

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