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2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Will USWNT Continue Their Mastery Of China?

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The United States women’s national soccer team just won their first game in the knockout stage of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup by defeating Columbia 2-0.

The victory sets up a game between the United States and China in the quarterfinals on June 26 in Ottawa. The United States were considered to be the favorites heading into the tournament, but they have not been impressive despite their undefeated record.

The game with China may seem like an easy victory for the US team, but the game is going to be extremely close if they do not step up their play.

Despite easily getting through the toughest group in the first part of the tournament, the United States have not had a statement game. The offense has struggled to generate goals in almost every game.

If it was not for the amazing defense, the United States may not still be playing in the 2015 FIFA World Cup. If the offense does not step up their play on June 26, then they are going to struggle to score against the great defense of China.

The Chinese team may be only ranked 16th in the world, but they have one of the best defenses in the tournament.

Based on their play so far in the World Cup, the game between the United States and China is going to be a defensive struggle. Both teams have had a hard time scoring lately, but they are still playing top-notch defense.

Almost everywhere you can make free bets has the United States as one goal favorites in this game. This means that the US team would have to win by at least two goals to win your free bets.

While the US team certainly has the talent to easily defeat China, it is hard seeing them scoring multiple goals on China’s tough defense.

The United States could not score early in their game against Columbia. Despite playing the entire second half with an extra player, the US still only scored two goals against Columbia. While they played an inspired game, Columbia’s defense does not have the skill and tactics of China.

Free betting tips on this game are tough because China does not look like they can score on the United States, but the US team are probably not going to be able to score the two goals needed to win the bet. This game looks like it will be a tough 1-0 victory for the United States, but it could go all the way to penalty kicks without a goal.

Since it is hard to predict a game to go to penalty kicks, the best free betting tips on this game would be to go with the United States. They may not be able to win the game by the two goals needed to win the bet, but the threat of them losing is not very high.

If their offense shows up, then the US team will have no problem winning by at least two goals. They should still be able to manage a one goal victory if the offense continues to struggle, which would make your bet a push.


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