CLEVELAND – With Jordan Cameron now an unrestricted free agent, the former Cleveland Browns Pro Bowl tight end may be in for a rude awakening on the open market.

Cameron, who caught 24 passes for 424 yards and two touchdowns during the 2014-15 season, reportedly turned down a $6 million-$7 million offer from the Browns during the season, because of his preference to play on the West Coast. Based on this, teams such as the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders possibly being potential landing spots, with Seattle recently trying to trade for him, per

For all of his athletic talent in potential on the field, and ability to create mismatches flexed out as a wideout, or as a true tight end, his inability to stay healthy, as he has never played a full NFL season and has sustained three concussions in two years.

According to, the Browns had serious concerns about Cameron’s penchant for getting concussed, which is probably the reason why they are willing to let Cameron walk. If this is truly the case, then both the Browns and potential suitors will have leverage over him. While he and Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas are the two premier names most likely to command the most attention, teams will most likely look at Thomas’ recent productivity before they will consider Cameron.

That and his inability to stay on the field, as he has played in 47 of a possible 64—with 15 games played in 2013, the most he has played in a season—means that the former USC basketball player will most likely be low-balled and will have to take a discount to join another team, or risk being tagged by the Browns.

Cleveland—if they so feel—could tag Cameron and pay him $8.27 million, the current salary for a franchised tight end—as the thought of going into the season with Gary Barnidge and Jim Dray is less than pleasant. If Cleveland decides to let Cameron walk, prospects such as Maxx Williams on Minnesota, Devin Funchess of Michigan and Clive Walford of Miami (FL) are sure to command their attention during the draft, in addition to proven NFL vets such as the Cincinnati Bengals Jermaine Gresham and Charles Clay of the Miami Dolphins.

At the end of the day, teams in need of a athletic pass-catching tight end, may look elsewhere before signing Cameron. Then again, some team will overpay for him. At best it’s high-risk, high-reward for someone such as Cameron, but based on his injury-riddled history and inconsistency production-wise, it may be a chance few teams will be willing to take. What do you think?

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