We are nearly one month into the college football season; the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft is loaded with defensive players with unique talents whether on the DL or at CB. This might also be the deepest RB class in NFL history. I project 5 RBs as 1st round talents, this includes Royce Freeman, Semaje Perrine, Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, and Dalvin Cook.

However, this class of QBs reminds of 2013 in a lot of ways, without a true franchise guy. Other than DeShaun Watson, I have one other QB with a 1st or 2nd round grade, and that’s Chad Kelly (41st prospect), remember I don’t rank QBs any differently than any other position, and if you’ve seen Denver or New England this season, it proves my point exactly.

This order is based on Walter Football! Like it, love it, or hate it! GO FOR IT! Check out our 2017 NFL Mock Draft below.

1. Cleveland Browns- QB DeShaun Watson/Clemson

This quarterback class just isn’t as good as expected with Max Browne and others not living up to their potential. So, unfortunately for Cleveland, they may very well be stuck with the tough decision of trading down again or drafting Clemson QB DeShaun Watson, who hasn’t quite hit his groove yet this season. But this quarterback class isn’t as good as expected with Max Browne and others not living up to their potential.

But I don’t think they’ll be able to make the same kind a move this year without a true franchise quarterback being on the board. Now with that said to Deshaun Watson could develop into a very solid quarterback is very similar skill sets that I like about deck Prescott last year as well I just think he’s more athletic than deck Prescott which is saying something you could work form in Cleveland especially if they decide to build on that OL as well.

2. Buffalo Bills- DE Myles Garrett/Texas A&M

Garrett might be the most explosive defense of player that has come out of Texas A&M since Von Miller and that’s not a lie. I’m not sure if he’s a 3-4 edge or a 4-3 DE on his hand on the door but imagine a pass rush what shack Lawson and Garrett paired together. That very well could be a great recipe for whoever the next coach is assuming of course Tyrod Taylor is the quarterback of the future, which with this draft class I would stick with him as well especially with all the money they gave Taylor.

Now I don’t think Buffalo is the pure definition of a bad football team because I do think there are many many worse teams in the NFL. But the Bills are in this spot because that’s  how the cards are drawn. When you can get a talent that compares to the best pass rusher in the NFL currently you just have to take him to fit the pieces as you may later on.

3. San Francisco 49ers- S/LB/CB Jabril Peppers/Michigan

Peppers is the definition of a “Defensive weapon,” with that being said the Michigan Wolverines are very fortunate to have him at their disposal. I mean he returns kicks he plays offense he’s a hell of a safety can play corner, he’s played LB this year. There’s not really a position where Peppers can’t play, in fact, I, wonder if Peppers can pass like Boobie Miles.

All exaggeration aside, I think he’ll get drafted in the top 5, solely for the reason that he’s just so versatile and remember Chip Kelly’s M.O as a coach. Chip Kelly likes guys who can do many different things that he takes from Belichick. peppers me of course stay in Michigan, keep in mind that the Wolverines could very welcome time for a national championship this year and next year. But sometimes the NFL dollar signs are just way too good to pass up even for someone like Peppers, who has a connection with Rashaun Gary.

4. Chicago Bears- RB Leonard Fournette/LSU

Remember in the 2016 NFL draft the Dallas Cowboys had the number for overall pick and used that pick on Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott. Phone is definitely a more talented running back no one would argue that, built at 6’1″ 230lbs. The Bears did lose long time RB Matt forte in free agency to the New York Jets, no offense to Jeremy Langford but he’s not a feature back by any means.

I also don’t buy the BS narrative that running back don’t still matter anymore. Those people need to get their eyes checked and see what the running backs are able to do in today’s NFL specially out of the backfield is a receiver and especially as extra pass blockers so teams can spread more receivers wide. We all know for Chicago they love ground and pound football.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars- OLB/DE Tim Williams/Alabama

Tim Williams is a guy that should be getting a lot more top 10 looks that he has from auto draft sites the guy is built like a typical outside linebacker for the NFL level and also keep in mind that last year’s cotton ball gets Michigan State he absolutely killed it against premier competition especially considering that he has some of the best pass rush moves that Ive seen in a long time. Just watch that spin move during the Michigan State game I know most of you probably turn the game off by the time it happened but my god! What a move!

The Jaguars already have former Florida DE Dante Fowler, who missed all of last season due to an ACL injury. If he gets to form, with Tim Williams you’re talking about a scary duo going forward. But also realize that the Jags are definitely not going to be picking in the top 5 this year,  I can almost guarantee it.

6. Indianapolis Colts- DE/DT Jonathan Allen/Alabama

The defense of line of Jaron Reed, A’shawn Robinson, and Allen prove to be a winning combination as the Crimson Tide one yet a Nother national championship in 2015. Allen is the perfect example of what you want as a three tech or five tech in today’s NFL. Particularly in a 3-4 defense in which Indianapolis still plays.

It also helps that Allen can create some pass rush in the interior also always an added bonus when you’re talking about a Colts defense that has been utterly pathetic for the past five years. But somehow if the Colts do end up picking in the top 10 and Leonard Fournette is still on the board, you can guarantee that that will be the pick. Let’s face it folks, the Colts only care about putting points on the board. It’s been that way since the Bill Polian era, proving nothing will change.

7. New Orleans Saints- CB Desmond King/Iowa

The Saints have to be one of the softest football teams I have ever seen built on paper over the past five years I mean seriously do they really care about winning football games. It just seems to me like all they care about is Drew Brees on that offense and everybody else finished in second place.

But Desmond King is one of the most gifted corners in this draft. The reining Thorpe Award winner returned to Iowa even though he really didn’t have to. Granted, the Hawkeyes season might be up in flames after losing to North Dakota State but let’s face it, the kid is really really talented. He also would be an instant boost to a Saints defense that really lacks a mental toughness.

8. Atlanta Falcons- S Jamal Adams/LSU

LSU secondary may very well be the best in the country, and that is due in large part to Adams and fellow 2017 draftee Tre’Davious White. The LSU safety has drawn comparisons to former Tennessee S Eric Berry. Adams will likely be the second S taken, assuming that Peppers remains listed as a S.

The Falcons had William Moore for such a long time but never really had a replacement for him and now the reeling because of it yes they have that’s my true fine Robert offer to a solid corners in all reality but when you have a good corners and bad safeties that means that if man-to-man coverage get beat, you’re given up a long touchdown switch Atlanta has for the past two seasons.

9. Tennessee Titans CB Jalen Tabor/Florida

Last year we saw Vernon Hargreaves fall in the draft due to the “lack of size” and Tampa Bay was able to reap the rewards of that. The Titans are very young team and are in perfect position to take the next step. If they indeed decide to release Jason McCourty at the end of the season, Tabor could be an easy day one replacement for him.

I also thought about DT Malik McDowell from Michigan State at this pick also. But with two first round picks I, do believe the Tabor is better than McDowell at this particular pic and many times DTs do fall in the draft, case in point Malcolm Brown and Dan Williams just to name a few.

10. Washington Redskins- LB Reuben Foster/Alabama

Foster maybe listed at 6′ 1″ 240lbs but trust me he sure doesn’t play like it. He’s about as physical as Donta Hightower, just as tough as Reggie Ragland, I don’t know a nose for the ball like CJ Mosley. Noticed all of those guys also went to Alabama, maybe the Crimson Tide have become the new LB U in a lot of ways.

The skins did draft USC LB Su’a Cravens, but I see him use the best in a Tyrann Matheiu role,  I think foster would give the scans the kind of LB they’ve lacked since the retirement of London Fletcher. Foster has already proven this season that he’s definitely the player that is worthy of this selection. 

11. Dallas Cowboys- CB/WR Adoree Jackson/USC

OK Cowboys fans I got admit it kind of sucks seeing Tony Romo go down yet again, but you know Jerry Jones as well as I do and you know the Cowboys love flashy players. Jackson is the definition of flashy! Like Peppers, from Michigan, Jackson has return kicks and punts, he catches passes as a receiver, and keep in mind he can play CB at a high-level. He even did pretty good I got Alabama star WR Calvin Ridley, granted they got their asses blown out.

The Cowboys are going to finally be able to cut CB Brandon Carr; that means that they’ll need a player to fill his spot. Of course they have Byron Jones, but it seems to me like he’s going to be a safety, and injury prone Orlando Scandrick. This pick more than anything could benefit them anyway because they could stick Jackson in the nickel I got some of the slot receivers in their own division, like Jamison Crowder and Sterling Shepard.

He also can be the return man that the Cowboys have needed since the departure of Dwayne Harris to the New York Giants. Jackson has also played snaps at WR, like Peppers. So the versatility should only help his draft stock.

12. Miami Dolphins- LB Raekwon McMillan/Ohio State

Referring to Manny is the best LB in this class, McMillan is another three-year starter that plays much bigger than he’s listed. He kind of gets lost in the shuffle with some of the other buckeyes drafted last year because people forget that he was a freshman redshirt on that national championship team in 2014.

The Dolphins have Jelani Jenkins, Kiko Alonso, Koa Misi, but not much depth behind them, that’s going to have to change if you want to be able to play playoff football with the physicality that some of the teams that they play against are going to play. Think of McMillan has a less injury prone Ryan Shazier.

That’s the only real comparison I can get them for you that fits the exact description of his talent, a definite top 15 pack and a slamdunk for a team that tends to reach for certain players in recent years.

13. Tennessee Titans- DT Malik McDowell/Michigan State

McDowell is gigantic at 6’6″ 290lbs, He’s also quite the pass rusher for a guy his size, also never mind the fact that he kind of fits right into their three for defense probably has a 3tech, opposite of Jurell Casey. McDowell could line up as a NT also, but his ability to get after the passer could make him like a Calais Campbell or a Richard Seymour.  

This is however his first full season as a full-time starter, so his stamina and ability to stay on the field all three down to is going to be very tested I got some of the physical Big Ten teams they will play including Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan. Those teams will commit to run the football and he’s going to have to be consistent.

14. San Diego Chargers- OT Cam Robinson/Alabama

Despite his off the field troubles in recent years, Robinson might be the best OT in this draft.  He’s not on the same level as Jack Conklin or Laremy Tunsil from last season, but I still view him as a day one starting left tackle, especially in San Diego where King Dunlap and Chris Harrison are your OTs currently.

To give you an idea of how dominant camera Robinson has been for the Alabama Crimson Tide just to until last year’s national title game against Clemson when he matched up against Dodd in Lawson and basically owned them both in the run game. Of course pass protection is sort of his weakness but let’s not act like San Diego couldn’t give the ball to Melvin Gordon a little more going forward, give Philip Rivers a break for crying out loud.

15. Baltimore Ravens- RB Dalvin Cook/Florida State

Remember the days when the Ravens had Priest Holmes, Jamal Lewis, and Ray Rice? I do, and that’s what made the average Ravens quarterbacks of yesteryear look a little more competent than seeing Joe Flacco try to throw Hail Marys every game.

Cook is also an accomplished receiver, as well as probably one of the most talented runnings back see you will ever see play on the football field. Of course, there are guys like next job, James Connor, and Samaje Perrine, but you have to think that Fournette and Cook will likely steal the show in the off-season, and teams will fall in love with both of them leading them to be picked as high as they will be.

Think of it like Gurley and Gordon two years ago. WR Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster from USC, CB Tre’Davious White from LSU are other considerations with this pick, but Cook is just more talented than the both of them.

16. Oakland Raiders- OT Mike McGlinchey/Notre Dame

When I saw Ronnie Stanley get drafted sixth overall last year by the Baltimore Ravens, I gagged. That’s because I knew that Ronnie Stanley wasn’t the best OT on his team. McGlinchey is an absolute dynamo! He started every game last season as an RT and showed his stature to many of his opponents.

He’s well respected among us coaches, Deshone Kizer has plenty of time to throw the football, and he already looks better than Stanley did last year at this time. Donald Penn isn’t getting any younger and I don’t see Menalik Watson as a LT going forward. McGlinchey might very well be a day one starting LT protecting franchise QB Derek Carr.

17. Cleveland Browns- OT Roderick Johnson/Florida State

For Florida State to have a freshman quarterback look as good as DeAndre Francois did against Ole Miss in that second half, it tells you a lot about how long his protection was in that game. Much of that is led by Roderick Johnson himself, 

Joe Thomas could very well retire at the end of the season, or he could be moved possibly to a contender that may look at their their OL situation as one that needs more of a quick fix. Think New England with Nate Solder, Think Dallas with Doug Free, and even Minnesota considering the situation with injured Matt Kalil.

18. New York Jets- DE/OLB Charles Harris/Missouri

Missouri pass rushers have made quite a name for themselves in the NFL in recent years. These include names like Aldon Smith, Kony Ely, and Arizona cardinals rookie LB Markus Golden. Just those three alone make you think that something is in the water in Missouri, but also don’t forget that this draft at DE has Tim Williams, Derek Barnett, and Sophomore(RS) Sam Hubbard, from Ohio State, who could emerge as top 20 draft picks.

The Jets have been putting off landing a premier pass rusher for quite some time. It looks as though after drafting Vernon Gholston 10 years ago, that they’re a little trigger shy to select a pass rusher very high in the draft. The thing that made Todd Bowles’s defenses in Arizona so good was the fact that they could create the pass rush without blitzing. The Jets do you wine can’t do everything for that defense; that’s why they are in the situation that they are in right now defensively.

19. Detroit Lions- S Eddie Jackson/Alabama

I know most of you probably remember all the hype about Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix and Landon Collins in recent years, but Eddie Jackson is a better athlete than both of those guys, and you know it by watching him play. Turn on the USC game and tell me where you see #4… He was simply everywhere in that game and makes big plays each and every week for the Crimson Tide since moving to safety from corner at the beginning of last season.

The Lions apparently miss Louis Delmas, Who sign with the Dolphins before the start of last season. Jackson can bring that same physicality to a defense of backfield that seems like it’s Darius Slay and everybody else.

Are there more talented players on the board currently? The answer is yes, but you have to think about how those players will fit into individual teams, and to me, Jackson just fits in Detroit, in my opinion.

20. Seattle Seahawks- OG/C Ethan Pocic/LSU

Seattle’s offense of line through the first two weeks of the season looks like the definition of absolute dog crap, and that’s coming from Seattle fans themselves. They might not be in position to grab camera Robinson, Mike McGlinchey, or Roderick Johnson, but Pocic is no small consolation prize placing him at left guard.

The undisputed leader of LSU’s offensive line, which pave the way for star RB Leonard Fournette’s breakthrough sophomore season in 2015. Seattle truly wants to build through running the football and this is the perfect player for that exact style.

21. New York Giants- OLB Davonte Fields/Louisville

Some of you may think I am absolutely insane. because many project Fields as a mid to late second round pick. But watch Louisville outside of the Lamar Jackson spectacular and you’ll see your defense that consistently gets in the opponents grill every single ply and Devonte Fields is the leader the Giants have been looking for at LB since the retirement of Antonio Pierce.

For a couple of years now I’ve read that Giants fans are really missing that playmaker at that position and no matter who they put in there it just doesn’t seem like they’re getting that same impact consistently. Imagine what Jamie Collins does for New England and being able to give a player of that skill set to a coach as savvy as Spags.

Your offense is going to score enough points, and once Will Beatty returns from injury, your offense of line will likely be set at least for the rest of the season.

22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- TE Jake Butt/Michigan

Although I believe OJ Howard is slightly more athletic and a little deadlier after the catch, I think Butt would be a perfect fit in Tampa Bay’s offensive scheme with Dirk Koetter. He’s simply just better in the red zone, in the way that Michigan uses him most certainly reflects that.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins just hasn’t lived up to the hype that he had coming out of Washington. You also have to think that Janus Winston is going to need a younger and more reliable long-term target alongside Mike Evans and with Vincent Jackson not getting any younger.

Plus, let’s be real Jim Harbaugh has some pretty good history with TEs. You’re just gonna have to trust me on this one.

23. Kansas City Chiefs- CB Tre’Davious White/LSU

White, in my opinion, could end up being the first CB taken in the 2017 NFL Draft. He’s good in coverage, and when the ball gets in his hands he can take it to the house.

The Chiefs, for some reason, gave up on Marcus Cooper, (Who is now with the Cardinals) and 3rd round pick Keivarae Russell, (Who is now with the Bengals). White would be playing across from rookie pro-bowler Marcus Peters, Who also fell right into the KC’s lap in the 2015 NFL draft, (Peters was my top rated CB in the 2015 draft).

White and S Jamal Adams lead the most talented defense in the country at LSU and I do see both eventually as top 15 locks, in the upcoming draft!

24. Denver Broncos- LB Jerrad Davis/Florida

I watched the highlight reel of this kid a couple of weeks ago, and it just further proves why the Florida Gators continuously put talent into the NFL it’s mainly because their athletes are just bigger, faster, and stronger than much of their competition.

Davis is listed at the same size as fellow first rounders Reuben Foster and Raekwon McMillan. He also could line up in the middle of Denver three for defense alongside Brandon Marshall and Todd Davis (Who has looked good to this point of the season replacing Danny Trevathan).

In a 3-4, depth at linebacker is of particular importance considering that those guys are likely going to make the majority of the tackles in the run game. This allows your secondary, particularly in Denver’s case with TJ Ward and Darian Stewart that they can stay away from the box and maybe force teams to pass. When you have Von Miller and Demarcus Ware, that’s a different element to take into account.

25. Houston Texans- DT Lowell Lotuleli/Utah

His brother is a star DT for the Carolina Panthers, and win this Loteuleli brother stepped in for the Utes, he was able to produce. No certainty if there are any injury woes like Star had in the draft a few years ago, but I do kind of see them as similar players.

This guy can absolutely stop the run and I have full confidence that he could play opposite of JJ Watt, with his hands in the dirt and be able to shut blocks and make plays.  

He’s limited as a pass rusher, but when you think about what Houston has to their disposal and that particular department, you have to think that it’s not going to be an issue!

26. Arizona Cardinals- WR Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster/USC

Schuster, in all likelihood, Will likely be drafted way higher than this. But I haven’t been too impressed with his performances so far this season.

This pick however, comes in the light of a rumor that future HOF WR, Larry Fitzgerald, might hang up his cleats after the 2016 season.  If that is the case, this pic is the perfect situation for the Arizona Cardinals, considering they still have Michael Floyd, Juron Brown, and the inconsistent John Brown.

As Carson Palmer is getting older, it’s never a bad idea to get more offensive weapons.

27. Carolina Panthers- RB Nick Chubb/Georgia

Seeing Chubb come back from his ACL tear the way he has for the Bulldogs has given me the full confidence to believe that he will be drafted in the first round. Chubb is the prototype running back and a scheme like Carolina’s. Someone who can find the whole, break a tackle into the second level, the super productive as a pass catcher, and don’t forget that he can also serve as a pass protector. I would say he could he would go higher but I think his past injury history may prevent that.

Carolina has to finally part ways with a long-time RB Jonathan Stewart; he’s just way too injury prone and just doesn’t stay on the field enough. Stewart will be missing the next few weeks with yet another injury, and I just don’t see Cameron Artis-Payne and Fozzy Whitaker being able to carry the load consistently for a team that has Super Bowl aspirations.

28. Cincinnati Bengals- DT Devon Godchaux/LSU

Godchaux would be drafted in this particular slot to replace long time DT Domata Peko, Who has been a part of the Bengals organization for a very long time. I was originally thinking DE but think that’s offensive tackle would be an easier spot right away if Peko retires.

He’s projected to be selected in the late first round and the early parts of the second round, so the value here matches the talent.

Godchaux has a quick first step and can hit the gaps in a very timely manner. He also can provide a pass rush which at 4-3 DT position, that could be extremely crucial considering they also have probable caliber, DT Geno Atkins.

29. Green Bay Packers- DE/OLB Carl Lawson/Auburn

Auburn made that have become an absolute joke of a program in recent years, but Carl Lawson’s talent is no joke. Lawson could develop as a premier pass rusher solely based on his work ethic alone. He did miss last season with a lot of injuries, but I have full confidence that he will fire back this year and be the difference maker but he was in 2013 when he tallied 10.5 sacks. Keep in mind he was paired with first-rounder Dee Ford, drafted by the Chiefs.

The Green Bay Packers at some point are going to lose Julius Peppers, the ageless wonder, and Lawson could be the man to replace him. As I said before, his draft stock could solely depend on how healthy he looks this year. So far it hasn’t looked too good, as he’s only been able to tally five tackles and one sack. But I’m willing to be patient with him because he’s been dealing with double-teams.

30. New England Patriots- RB Christian McCaffrey/Stanford

I do honestly believe that McCaffrey might be the most overrated RB in the country. But there’s no denying that his skill set would be a perfect fit in a Josh McDaniels offense. It doesn’t matter who the quarterback for the Patriots is going forward, but if you’re telling me that LaGarrette Blount is anything better than a backup RB, you are out of your damn mind…

I do believe that Oklahoma RB Semaje Perrine and Oregon RB Royce Freeman are far better, and more adaptable to the NFL game than the Stanford superstar, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have an instant NFL role. He could be Reggie Bush meets Danny Woodhead and unlike Patriots back up RB James White, McCaffrey can break a tackle and be elusive. He also doesn’t have the injury history that Freeman has, Freeman, who I believe would be the pick if injuries were in the equation.

31. Philadelphia Eagles- CB Marlon Humphrey/Alabama

Humphrey is the 2016 verson Eli Apple for this CB group. Like Apple, Humphrey makes a lot of dumb mistakes. With his father being Bobby Humphrey, and the fact that his athleticism alone will get him drafted in the first round as the 2016 draft showed with Eli Apple going so high.

“Size-Speed” guys better opportunities then just playing football players that are not as athletic. I’m not sold that he’s better than Apple either, which is what other draftniks are saying… I may only project him as a slot CB going forward, but that won’t stop his draft stock from soaring if people are intrigued by just his athletic ability.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers CB/S Cameron Sutton/Tennessee

By no means do I consider the Pittsburgh Steelers as the projected Super Bowl champions, it’s way too early to project the team that has a way below average secondary to actually win the Super Bowl. But they’re 2-0 regardless, and that has to count for something.

Sutton, return to Knoxville for a senior season to have the chance to finally give the vowels their first SEC championship since The Philip Fullmer regime. He’s no Eric Berry, but a versatile defensive back that is awfully similar to former UConn DB and Cowboys 2015 draft pick Byron Jones.

I can see Sutton lining up at FS and having Mitchell move to the other side because Sutton is much better in coverage than anyone gives him credit for. But that’s not to say that Sutton can’t go down and play CB neither, it’s just difficult to project which Artie Burns, 2016 first round pick, former Browns first rounder Justin Gilbert, and Ross Cockrell, Who in my opinion has been the best CB on the roster the past two seasons.