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2018 Christmas Party Hair Inspiration

2018 Christmas Party Hair Inspiration

Christmas is less than two months away which means that party season will soon be upon us. That means that now is the perfect time to start thinking about the dresses you’ll choose, the matching sparkly shoes and, of course, how you’ll wear your hair. Planning your Christmas party hair in advance is particularly important if you wear wigs made from real human hair. This is because you may need to take your wig to a specialist hairdresser if you plan to change its colour, cut or style.

But what style should you be choosing for Christmas party season 2018? Here we break down the top hair trends and styles that are sure to turn heads this party season:

Bring a Bow

One of the top hair trends that was spotted at the most recent fashion weeks were oversized hair accessories, and bows in particular were incredibly popular. Not as large as Lady Gaga’s bows during her ‘Poker Face’ years, this season’s bows were elegant and opulent. Think velvet, sequins, and texture of all different kinds.

Add a preppy twist to your outfit by choosing a bow in a coordinating colour, Bold, colourful, oversized and mini, no matter what kind of bow you choose, adding one will instantly make any outfit look on trend. Why not try pulling your hair into a high ponytail and then holding it in place with a low-key bow? Easy, stylish and effective.

Have Fun with a Fringe

Does the idea of adding a fringe to your hair give you nightmares, or remind you of the less-than-flattering haircuts you wore in the 1980s? You’re not alone. But fringes are back on trend once more and, if you choose your fringe correctly, they can make your face look slimmer and more youthful too. Why not consider a baby fringe? These are short flat fringes that fall well above the eyebrows, and they have proven incredibly popular with the A-list in 2018. They suit almost all face shapes, and by showing off the eyebrows they also emphasize the eyes, making them look larger and wider.

Clip on fringes are a risk-free way to experiment with the trend, or you could ask your hairdresser to cut a baby fringe into your wigs made from real human hair to instantly change your look, and add a high impact element to your party style.

Don’t Part Ways

What do all of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have in common? Aside from their oversized rear ends, they all part their hair in the middle! Centre partings are this season’s most popular celebrity style and changing your parting can completely change the look of your hair and face. In fact, there is no simpler way to completely switch up your look without any hair styling tools or skills required at all!

Splitting your hair straight down the middle looks dramatic and stylish, particularly if your hair is long and poker straight: this is a great style for wig wearers, because it is a look that is much easier to achieve with faux hair than with natural hair. When GHD hair straighteners first hit the mainstream in 2001, straight hair was everywhere, but since then curly hair has come back into vogue. Now though, straight hair is having something of a revival. The key to keeping this look party ready it to apply a gloss spray or serum throughout the length of your hair to add shine and hold any flyaway hairs in place. Regardless of whether you are styling a wig or your own hair, remember to apply a hair protector before straightening, to minimize the damage caused by heat styling.

Beautiful Braids

Finally, braids and plaits may well typically be the party hair choice of toddlers and school girls, but this season we have seen them given a grown up and high fashion twist. Wear your braid against the nape of your neck, or twist it up to create a bohemian crown that winds around your head. Braids are fun, sweet, and an easy way to create an updo without the support of a hair stylist.

This seasons updo is more simple and undone than in previous years, and braids feed perfectly into this trend. We love the fun and youthful feel of braids: they will inject a quirky edge into the most elegant of little black dresses! If you’re looking to show your personality at your office Christmas party then this is probably the perfect style for you.

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