Hiring a surrogate mother is not an easy task, as you have to check the multiple factors. So, if you need to hire a birth mother to increase your family, the process may be complicated, because the surrogate mother doesn’t share her genetics with the child, while the egg donor does.

So, it is inevitable to find a woman who is fit and healthy. A physically and mentally healthy mother will give birth to a healthy child.

How to find a surrogate mother?

Surrogate agencies are a reliable option to find a surrogate mother. You can contact a reliable agency for the process. A proper agreement will be signed between the surrogate mother and the intended parents. Contacting an agency is safe because they take responsibility for everything. They take care of the health of women, her lifestyle and other things. They follow clear dealings to make the sure hassle-free and safe process. The leihmutter Ukraine is most preferable.

In Australia, a proper advertisement can be made to find a surrogate mother. You can also search through different ways like online browsing, advertising, and through friends and family. But it is important to check the physical and mental fitness of women you are going to choose a surrogate mother. It will be less costly and can result in more hassle with the Leihmutter Kanada Kosten.

Medical Fitness

A woman you are choosing a surrogate mother must have good health with strong bones, good psychological health and a balanced hormonal system. A surrogate must undergo a proper medical screening process to examine whether she is physically ready or not for the surrogacy process. This medical screening may include the saline sonograms, blood tests and more.

She must not be addicted to smoking or alcohol and have a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to contact the doctor on time if you feel any of the following issues:

  • Muscle pain or joint stretchiness
    Most women suffer from muscle pain and joint stretchiness especially if they don’t have good health or deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. surrogate mother must avoid taking medicine to avoid these problems. Physiotherapists may help to solve the problem of muscle pain and make her life easy.
    Having a physiotherapist is a better option, because medicines may have side effects on her. For many women, this technique works, because it has no side effects, and helps to make them more active and mobilized. It helps to increase the posture, spine position etc. so, always try to choose this healthy option.
  • Mobility issues
    Always contact the doctor if a birth mother feels pain in moving around. Inflammation or swelling is any area of the body that may prevent her from moving around. So, she must have chiropractic sessions with her doctor to reduce these problems. The doctor may suggest to her the right option to decrease the swelling, inflammation, and muscle pain.

Solving these health issues at the right time ensures the easy life and active body during her pregnancy time period. A professional surrogate doctor can make the pregnancy time period easy for the surrogate mother.

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