Regular cannabis seeds have become more prominent in the past decades; their wide recognition is due to their numerous health benefits. These seeds are the trending varieties of cannabis with exceptional germination properties. Regular cannabis seeds have equal chances of germinating male or female plants, but the feminized seeds have 99% chances of growing female plants. The production circle starts from the male pollen used by the female plant to produce seeds. Cannabis is classified as a dioecious plant because production involves both sexes to create seeds.

Feminized seeds have a simple base for those interested in the high level of THC in cannabis. However, regular cannabis seeds still have a stand to continue the existence of the cannabis plant.

Regular Cannabis Seeds: What are They?

Regular seeds, often referred to as the original or authentic seeds, are cannabis seeds that produce naturally. The name is due to the equal possibility of growing male or female plants. Most breeders prefer the existing hybrid seeds to the original seeds because of their altered properties. Cannabis breeders neglect these seeds because the male plants are eliminated during breeding to allow female buds to germinate better.

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What is a Feminized Cannabis Seed?

Feminized seeds produce mainly female plants. These seeds are genetically altered to create a 99% chance for female buds. The process involves using two female flowers to pollinate without the male plant. Thus, the plant produces no male flowers. The commercial sectors are the significant purchasers of these feminized seeds. They are interested in having a large and first-grade quality harvest of marijuana.

What are the Advantages of Regular Seeds?

Each regular seed has distinctive properties that differentiate it from others. Even as they are neglected, genetics is superb and preferable for consumption. Since they are still pure and not genetically grown, the genes produced from regular seeds are unlimited. You can also use these new choices to start a unique variety. Some of the benefits of growing regular seeds are:

  1. Different Lineage

The next generation of feminized seeds is produced and called a phenotype. The pollen of the phenotype is preserved for the next planting season. However, a regular cannabis seed genetically produces its phenotype. Each typical cannabis plant has its properties, growth rate, leaf, and stem size. You can keep a phenol for years without altering its pest resistance properties, THC/CBD ratio, etc. Buying regular seeds in bulk is cheaper and gives you distinctive properties from each grain, unlike the feminized seeds.

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The quality of seed matters in breeding cannabis; breeders potency of the slurricane indica, neglecting the quality of the grains. The best grains will yield you a great garden of cannabis plants. Choose the cannabis seed carefully by considering the time, investment, and efforts used in growing them. Buying weak and low-quality seeds in bulk will also take you much time to breed, plus poor harvest. The quality cost is insignificant compared to the harvest size generated by quality seed.

2.    Better Breeders

Regular seeds are easy to cut and preserve for asexual planting for the next season. Since the male plants are removed during breeding, the female plants become more vital to overcoming stress. These plants are not affected by stress caused by cutting and survive better than feminized plants. According to Herbies, cannabis breeders provide preferential treatment to common breeds.

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Regular seeds have the adaption property of withstanding different weathers and changing environments such as lack of water, excessive fertilization, etc. Amateurs can get a good harvest from breeding regular cannabis seeds.

  1. Stronger Female Plants

The removals of male plants create room for the female plants to become stronger. The plants have more surviving characteristics in the long run than the feminized plants. These female plants can be cut and kept for decades to produce other varieties. However, the myth that regular seeds female plants produce better results regardless of the mother plant is not entirely true. Feminized seeds have similar characteristics for the same purpose but cannot withstand the changing environment.

4.    Develop your Strain

Cannabis breeders enjoy growing a unique strain, which is possible through regular seeds. You can cross regular seeds to generate new varieties of cannabis plants. Some existing hybrids are a result of crossing breeding different common grains. You can have a touch of new and old strains when using cannabis.

Regular seeds have more stable genetic properties, unlike feminized seeds whose genetics are altered, making the next generation vulnerable to harsh factors. Some new strains from feminized plants hardly make it through the breeding process.

5.    Great Genetics at a Lower Price

Regular seeds are less expensive because breeders usually remove most male plants. Even though some breeders relate the cheap pricing to inferiority, the plants have produced extraordinary results. Most breeders use feminized seeds for planting to avoid the stress involved in sexing plants, weeding, and the equal chances of growing male or female plants. The stress is worth it as regular cannabis gets you more profit at a cheaper cost. However, the reproduction of these seeds depends on the quality of the cannabis seeds.


If you’re planning to farm cannabis, you should probably know that regular and feminized seeds have their pros and cons. So, the grower experiences matter in germinating regular seeds. Regular seeds provide more benefits than feminized seeds, which create room for experimenting and creating your unique strain.

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