Until we come across a parallel universe where we’d spend our entire lives spring-breaking all over the sunny coastline of Australia, we need to cherry-pick for the finest and most affordable travel destinations to enjoy ourselves one precious minute at a time. This year, we’re seeing more diverse opportunities for adding a fun twist to your classic spring break routine, from adventure-filled getaways, to all-you-can-drink escapades.

Still wondering where you and your crew should go in the months to come? Let’s check out the five destinations that have emerged as the favorites of 2019, so that you can start prepping for your wild getaway!

Sunny in Mexico

There’s a reason (or an entire pile of them) why Mexico appears on the spring break must-go list year after year. It combines all that you need for a flawless trip, a ton of sunbathing and lounging with a cocktail in your hand, and of course, enough water sports to fill a lifetime with adventure. One particularly hot spot in Mexico is the stunning Cabo in all of its show-biz glory.

With a vibe of prestige and luxury, and yet still wild and free-spirited, Cabo is your go-to choice for gourmets who’d like the opulence of an ocean view with spicy Mexican cuisine and all the beach time you please.

Delicious in Western Australia

This is that time of year when you’re about to get your drinking game on, so why not do it in style? Craft beer-makers across Australia are a growing trend among spring-breakers, and they’re definitely worth adding to your bucket list, let alone your spring break list. As an example, you can visit a craft brewery in Margaret River in Western Australia to taste some of the finest brews with a wide range of exciting flavors.

This means adding a whole slew of exotic tastes to your classic beer menu, with citrusy ales, apple ciders, and classic lagers, all simply ideal for a spring break escapade. While you’re there, venture into the surrounding area to get to know one of the most beautiful regions Australia has to offer.

Groovy in Miami

At least one spring break of your college career deserves a trip to the famous Miami Beach, where spring feels like mild summer and you’ll find people flocking in from all over the world to enjoy its diverse offers. Brace yourself for all-night parties, random beach dancing, and plenty of sun-time to cure those hangovers.

The key allure? Almost everything you need is mere steps away, and the sheer selection of rooftop bars and classy but fun restaurants is more than enough to keep you occupied. You’ll also find this to be the shopping mecca for fashion-loving folk.

Lucky in Vegas

Considered as the permanent fun zone of the world, Las Vegas maintains its reputation successfully as the hub for all versed spring-breakers, although not ideal for the faint of heart. The topless trend means hopping over to pool parties where wearables are optional, not to mention the dance parties with over 5000 guests, and cocktail experts for such a perfect piña colada that you’ll want to marry it – and you just might, considering your destination.

Considering the popularity and fame surrounding Vegas, you’ll be surprised by the level of affordability you’ll encounter from a wide range of bars, hotels, and party zones. Sure, if you want to enjoy some gambling too, then you might need a more sizable budget for your desert adventure.

Adventurous in Alaska

Surprised? Well, this misunderstood corner of the globe is certainly growing in popularity and the number of visitors that head there every year. That includes eager and thrill-seeking spring breakers who prefer slightly cooler versions of the otherwise sultry trips. One attraction in particular makes spring a very desirable time to head to Alaska – the stunning Aurora Borealis, which can be spotted in this region if you time your trip right.

Add to that life-changing experience, you can fill your schedule with activities such as dog sled rides, glacier climbing, and meet the local wildlife in their beloved conservation centers. If you’re a nature lover, Alaska should be a top contestant definitely!

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic beach trip or a more adventurous take in the far north, the world has you covered. This year is packed with exciting options, so take your pick and get ready for unforgettable spring-breaking!

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