Whether you wish to open a restaurant, or you are looking for a restaurant where you wish to dine, it is important to have knowledge about the different types of restaurants and how they differ from each other. When talking about dining, this can be an enjoyable experience if you go to ‘that’ right place where you can enjoy not only the meal but also the surroundings. It is essential to choose a restaurant in accordance to your preference and also the occasion.

Let us Go through the Different Types of Restaurants:

  1. Family Style: These types of restaurants are also termed as ‘casual’ dining and offer affordable food items in their menu. You find a mix of cuisines individualized with different dips, sauces or other toppings. This can include multiple themes like Mexicana, barbecue to even Americana. These restaurants offer non-disposable dishes and table side service. The food is served in big dishes on a table and the customers can help themselves to the amount they wish and pass it on. These types of restaurants are more on the casual side where there is no compulsion to the amount of the food to be eaten.
  2. High End/Fine Dining: As compared to casual dining, the service in these high-end outlets tends to be attentive and personalized. This includes escorting the patrons to their table, replacing napkins, holding the chair for the women, and more. The furniture here is of a high-quality and even the décor differs from the casual dining places. The staffs in these restaurants are well-trained and can answer any questions regarding the menu asked by the customers. Most of these restaurants tend to follow a dress code even for their customers. The music played here follows the theme of the restaurant and the lighting, generally, is dim and subtle. These places require reservations to be made.
  3. Fast Casual: The fast causal is a trend which is gaining immense popularity these days. These are more expensive as compared to the fast food joints as they are a bit more upscale. These fast-casual joints offer dishes which are disposable along with flatware. Most of these joints have open kitchens where the customers can see the food being prepared. The customers need to make a payment at the counter where they place their order.
  4. Quick Serve and Fast Food Restaurants: Fast food tends to be the most familiar with most of us. These food joints are a major attraction due to their speed, cheap prices, and convenience. The ingredients used for the food in these joints is pre-cooked or pre-heated to bring down the cooking time. Most of these joints serve the food in takeaway packages. These are normally not sheltered but do have a sitting area in the exteriors. The furniture here is generally the simple chairs, or benches that can be uncomfortable for some. Bright colors and loud music can be considered as another specialty of these food joints.
  5. Bistro/Café: Café and bistros are one step up from the casual dining. These have a limited menu and do not always offer table service. Most of these cafes are popular due to the quality of the beverages served here along with the snacks and pastries. The relaxed atmosphere here encourages the patron to spend a lot of time and just sip on their cup of coffee.

The different types of restaurants and their serving style can help you make a choice. You can search online if you are looking for a specific type. You have multiple choices listed here.

This information can also help those looking to open a restaurant.

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