5 Great LinkedIn Marketing Tips from Lewis Howes

For any entrepreneur or business owner, the perceived value of his brand or business is one of his most worthwhile assets. Generating success over the platform called LinkedIn includes a lot about improving personal branding and expanding brand reach. LinkedIn happens to be the sole business social networking site where marketers can create a huge database of extremely targeted leads, and get the chance to access the database at any moment. Your brand will get a huge boost with a solid LinkedIn identity. Lewis Howes is a lifestyle entrepreneur who teaches entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners the chance to earn by doing the things that they love. Here are 5 great LinkedIn marketing tips from him. 

  1. Regulate Your Brand on LinkedIn

It is the most vital purpose, and you can control branding by joining the groups that you have in the niche. You would do well to join those that fit your industry or interest area. Every group has a specific forum, discussion platform or board where questions can be asked. When you are active in the groups in your niche, you can easily find and interact with like-minded people. 

Do not just sit idle. You can form your own LinkedIn group, which can make your business look more credible and earn you more leads and sales for your brand. After opening up the group, connect with people. It can open new opportunities and possibilities for you, as well as boost your connections. It can let more people get you, get in touch and collaborate with you. 

  1. Ask Compelling Questions

When you are on LinkedIn, you need to ask a few questions regularly and tag it in proper places where searches are being conducted by your target audience. It is important to be an expert, and answering questions can be an excellent way for you to share your expertise. You can spend a few minutes each day every week, answering queries related to your niche. It can help you to bring in new clients every month. If you are focused on getting leads, you can get the best results from responding to queries. 

It can be a good idea to make use of LinkedIn applications. LinkedIn works well when it comes to bringing out new features and applications. You can make use of at least some of these to improve your profile and make it outstanding from others. Other than asking and answering questions, you may do these:

  • Run a LinkedIn poll for people who are in your network
  • Display a photo of your product from Amazon
  • Include your presentations
  • Display your graphic art or blog
  • Incorporate a video to your own LinkedIn profile 
  1. Host Live Events

Host a LinkedIn networking event live, and you will be bowled over by the enthusiasm and energy. You can promote live events through the events section on LinkedIn. There are more than a thousand RSVPs for a specific event and about 350 paying attendees for any average event, if done in a proper way. These events let you establish connections online as well as offline, and set up excellent face to face relationships with those people in your network. 

Meeting face to face can help you to make suggestions, and also express ‘Thank You’ more personally. People love to hear “Thank you”, and it helps resolve many issues for them. Whether people answer your queries, make an introduction or give a recommendation, a simple ‘Thank You’ can help a lot. 

  1. Be Honest!

It appears as if being fully transparent is the best way to ensure success online today. When you try generic stuffs or attempt to hide anything, you can expect the audience to opt for others. You will lose your audience. When you are honest and maintain an air of transparency, people will talk more about you and what you have on offer. That will give you good word of mouth publicity – something that any LinkedIn marketer would like to have. While trying marketing on LinkedIn, this is an advice you have to consider. 

  1. Make Recommendations

It can be a great from the marketing perspective to have plenty of recommendations on your own social profile on LinkedIn. However, before getting the same, it is always suggested that you be the one to give recommendations first. When you make good recommendations that are useful to others, they would most likely be inclined to return you the favor that you extend. 

Finally, you have to be patient with your approach. Patience pays online, and many LinkedIn marketers can swear by this. With an honest and straightforward approach, coupled with a helpful attitude and trying to make a genuine effort to change the lives of people in your network, you would actually be able to give your brand a solid push. 

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