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5 health benefits of ceramic cookware

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A popular choice for cookware is non-stick sets. Many of us choose non-stick when we go out to purchase new sets. With continuous advancements in technology, this material is gaining more and more popularity. But the manufactures only tell us about the benefits of non-stick and completely hide the risks of using non-stick cookware. Recent reports suggest that using non-stick sets can be harmful as this material releases harmful fumes and gases. So if you care about the health of your loved ones and yourself, you need to give this article a read.

In recent years, ceramic cookware has climbed the ladder and reached the spot of the safest and healthiest cookware set. Although non-stick is the oldest cookware being used, the best ceramic cookware dates back to the oldest civilizations which made these sets with clay, water and minerals. They realized the benefits of using ceramic cookware back then but today we’re going to look at them again.

health benefits of ceramic cookware

  1. Ceramic cookware is made up of natural materials that are not toxic at all. The inorganic material does not add any harmful chemicals to your food while cooking. It is the best choice for cookware sets because it does not contain any metallic material such as lead, cadmium or copper. This makes for a cookware set that is extremely versatile and completely non-reactive. The chemicals do not leach into your food, making ceramic cookware the safest type out there. Not only will this material prove healthy for your family and you, it is also beneficial for the environment.
  2. Ceramic cookware does not require a lot of oil to fry the food items. Thus, you can easily fry or cook your food in less oil without having to boil or steam it, which actually decrease the nutritive content. Additionally, you will use less oil in your food and thereby consume less fats which is beneficial for your health. It will help prevent a lot of diseases such as obesity and high cholesterol.
  3. Ceramic material does not break away at high temperatures or release any gases. It is a durable material that can withstand high temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a high enough temperature to melt even metal. You can also put the ceramic cookware in the freezer without having to worry about any problems. So if you’re using ceramic cookware, it is totally safe. These sets can be kept in the refrigerator, the freezer or the oven and you don’t have to worry about cracking them.
  4. The ceramic cookware is not only the best material to cook a healthy food but it also has a major benefit in baking. Since the ceramic cookware can retain heat, the fact that it takes a little longer to heat up does not matter at all. This means you can save a lot of your time, energy and costs while cooking delicious and organic food.
  5. Ceramic sets are super easy to clean. The fact that they are almost completely non-stick helps a lot. The non-stick material will not leave any burnt food on the pan. Thus you can easily clean it with your hands or even put them in a dishwasher. Additionally, you can even clean the ceramic with a strong detergent. It is strong enough to undergo cleaning with a steel wool pad.

Although, these benefits are captivating, don’t just run off and buy the first ceramic cookware you set your eyes at. It is important that you purchase the best ceramic cookware sets that are real and do not have a metal coating.

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