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5 Highly Effective Exercises To Burn Fat Without Weights

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It’s time to get serious. Forget about a combination of lifting weights today, and doing cardio tomorrow. That practice is outdated and the future of fitness is reserved for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). There are plenty of workouts that can be implemented in your routines, and the text below will provide you with some easy but effective ones. You just need around half an hour to do your workout and you’ll continue losing fat for the rest of the day.

Every exercise should be done in periods of 30 seconds until you become stronger. Once your metabolic conditioning allows you to step up, go ahead and add 5 to 10 seconds to every exercise. Apply those increments until the workout period exceeds 60 seconds. Keep in mind to balance workouts for different muscle regions. That way, you’ll have enough time to recover and be ready to start again.

Ground zero jumps

Get your feet set at hip-width and slightly flex your knees, but keep them soft. From this starting position, go ahead and straighten your back while putting your hands in a position as a ski jumper. Once prepared, you can start with explosive hip pushes until a full stand. Your hands should be at your chest level at the end of the exercise. If you’re just starting, make sure you go slow until you achieve the perfect form.

Predator jacks

Move your feet together and keep your arms straight in front of you. Touch your palms and then start jumping the feet apart while pushing the hips backward. Once you’re in a squat position, go ahead and pull arms apart while squeezing shoulder blades. Tilt on right and make some pressure to the right leg, and then do the same on the other side. Stand up and do it again.

Skater jumps

Step forward and bend the right knee. All your weight should be on the right leg. Make sure just the toes of the left feet are touching the ground. Jump up from the right leg and switch to the left one. Count to one and then repeat the motion. Do this in periods between 30 and 60 seconds for the best result. Always remember to remain hydrated during these high-intensity exercises since your body will need to cool down a bit before the next effort.

Blast-off push-ups

Start this exercise in a push-up position. Your shoulders should be aligned with your arms and your core needs to be flexed, including glutes. Start pushing your hips backward until your knees are at 90 degrees. Your head should get behind your arms, and then count to one. After that, explosively straight up your legs, bend the arms until you get in the final push-up position. Once you start working out, you may feel a little bit weak, so give your best to eat well and get plenty of protein. In order to get stronger and to improve endurance, go ahead and take some creapure creatine before the meal.

Frog push-ups

This powerful exercise is also an iteration of a push-up. Get in starting push-up position and don’t forget to squeeze your body. Once you’re ready, jump toward your hands until your legs are outside them and in deep squat position. Count and get back to starting position. If you want to go an extra mile, start jumping back from squat to push-up pose. Repeat the exercise for a maximum of 60 seconds, and start adding seconds as you get stronger and more flexible.


The tips above are just a starting point, so you can stimulate your fat burning metabolism. Keep up with working out on regular basis and you’ll see how your body changes in no time. There are plenty of different high-intensity interval training options out there, so go ahead and make your perfect routine. Don’t worry about weights since those won’t be necessary. Your own body can heal itself if trained properly. Start with the exercises mentioned above and add new ones as time goes by.

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