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5 Most Popular Artificial Intelligence Tools to Grow Your Blog

Website developers or simply bloggers want to increase the visibility of their website. As they create articles and publish these materials online, bloggers aim to make sure that it generates thousands of viewers. For many bloggers, generating unique visitors increases their followers in their blog profiles and social media accounts. However, increasing the visibility of their website is a challenge.

Bloggers need to generate a significant number of followers to ensure that the blog can have regular subscribers to react on every newly published article. This is why the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools provides a conduit for bloggers to grow their blog.

5 Most Popular Artificial Intelligence Tools to Grow Your Blog

1. Astro

Blog operators who opt for email marketing services use this artificial intelligence tool. The function is to allow bloggers to send electronic mails to their subscribers automatically. The website owner and the operator of Astro can schedule automated electronic mails to targeted recipients. The duration is usually on a daily basis while providing insightful information about the blog and its activities online.

2. Smart Kai

Bloggers can increase their followers when they begin to post updates of their social media accounts. “Automated posting can be managed even if the account holder of a certain social media account is not currently online,” says Jessica Mitchell, Social Media Coordinator at APA Style Service. Smart Kai is an artificial intelligence tool that allows bloggers to automatically post any updates related to their website’s contents. The blogger can have the choice if they will be posting images, videos, texts, and moving image contexts to each post on a regular basis.

3. Frontier Secure

Every website operator wants to secure the privacy and the safety of their blog. Frontier Secure is one of the most popular artificial intelligence tools to prevent any risk of virtual threats that might compromise blog’s activities. This tool allows websites to mitigate data corruption, loss, and theft from anonymous sources. Bloggers will be assured that their data is under the guarding hands of this tool. As an example, this AI tool aims to generate a three-step verification process whenever the blog requires the user to log in on the blog.

4. Automated Insights

Naturally, bloggers are human. “Site operators are not usually online to cater queries of their subscribers or followers,” notes Jeremy Trenton, Chief Operating Officer at ConfidentWriters With the help of Automated Insights, bloggers are able to provide alternative responders to cater inquiries with similar questions or concerns. This tool aims to save time, energy, and money for bloggers while attending to a more important task such as creating new articles. One example is the installation of an automated customer service operator to respond specific questions that users ask.

5. Adobe Audience Manager

Data management is always important for site operators. Bloggers need to access their blog’s up-to-date analytics with real-time results. As a site manager, this tool provides essential metrics to generate a detailed description of the blog’s visitor source demographics. They know the countries where the visitors are coming from, the age, gender, and the countries. Apart from the analytics, this tool analyzes target ad campaigns if the blog wants to generate online blog campaigns.


Artificial intelligence tools provide a set of options for bloggers to automate their blog. The main reason is that bloggers are single operators of web pages. As their site grows, technical demands begin to affect the ability to manage a website. With the integration of AI to blog and its social media profiles, publishing essential articles and posting updates are easier to apply. Nevertheless, the blog could face challenges such as online vulnerabilities brought about by hacking threats, data overload, marketing failure, and consumer relationship failures.

Author’s Bio: Paul Bates is a proofreader and content manager at Example Papers, a database of pre-written papers for students. He is also a regular contributor at HuffPost, BuzzFeed and Medium covering topics related to business and education.

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