Very few people are blessed to have a good night sleep without much of a struggle. Most people complain about not getting enough sleep at night. A good sleep is equivalent to a healthy diet and beneficial exercise.

A poor sleep effects negatively on hormones, body, and brains. A person with good sleep has this amazing bright face with a calm mind. On contrast person who doesn’t sleep well will look dull and will be getting irritated with every small thing. You are aware of the never-ending benefits of a good sleep but now the question is how to get this peaceful and good sleep?

Here are the 5 proven ways to get your good night sleep.

1. Room temperature should be cool and dark – We often spent all our day in the light which creates a body time clock known as the circadian rhythm. According to this body clock, daylight is to stay active and dark night time is to sleep relaxing our body. So the body has its own natural phenomenon to react accordingly. In order to get a good sleep, one must create a completely relaxing environment which will convince the body to rest and sleep. The biggest causes of insomnia is overheating of the body thus sleeping in a cold room will balance the body temperature avoiding sleeping issues.

2. Create an ambiance – To sleep peacefully, you need to relax your brain and body muscles. A nice mild fragrance and soothing music are the two most important factors in creating an ambiance to get your dream sleep. Mild music and scent trigger a sensation in the brain to relax. A pleasant smell has a calming effect and reduces the stress. Music will control your mind, not to wander here and there during your precious sleeping hours.

3. The bed should be warm and comfy – Bed is definitely the most primary and essential element. You need a comfortable bed and Mattress. Everybody has different mattress needs. So be aware of your body need and choose your mattress wisely. You may not want to curl up again n again in your struggle to sleep comfortably. Your mattress can resolve your sleeping problems, all you need is to understand which mattress suits your need and buy the best one for yourself.

4. Pre-sleep exercise – You can sleep healthier when your body is exhausted. A tired person sleeps without any trouble and the quality of sleep is much better. Include pre-sleep exercise to your daily routine. This way your body muscles get relaxed and stretched right before you sleep. Start with your toes, move your calves, clench them and then release them. Move all your body including knees, thighs, buttocks, hands, abdominal, chest, upper arms, shoulders, neck, face and finally your whole body. This will increase the blood circulation in the body relaxing them and you will sleep like a baby.

5. Drain out your brain – Brain troubles the most when you want to sleep. It takes you on various unresolved questions and wanders all across the universe. It keeps over-thinking bothering your sweet sleep hours. By the time your brain decides to sleep it is almost morning. To tackle this issue you need to prepare a good day schedule which involves brain participation and drains it up by the end of the day. You must have heard people often read before they go to bed. This is because the brain needs to be exhausted to achieve a peaceful sleep.

Sleeping trouble is very common nowadays. The hectic lifestyle often leaves people with sleepless nights. With proper eating habits and minor lifestyle changes, you can fix your sleeping issue. Everyone deserves a baby like sleep just read the above points to find out which one, you are missing and start incorporating it. Visit to read more on sleep-related topics. Voonky has wonderful blogs on sleep needs, mattress benefits, best sleeping positions and many similar topics. Enjoy your sleep!

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