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5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Quotes in Your Content Strategy

It has been established that social media is an essential and effective way to market and promote brands online. To succeed, you also need a top-quality and relevant content to reach and engage your target media.

From videos, photos, or articles, it is time to make use of quotes in your content strategy. Yes, quotes! Even before the rise of infographics, users have been sharing quotes online and it is time for brands to incorporate them as an effective content strategy.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should quote in your content strategy for social media:

1.Quotes provide brief yet concise messages

Majority of users don’t actually read your full content and with less reading spans, you have only 30 seconds to get their attention. Though longer content is great for SEO, your target market is not willing to finish a whole video or blog post.

To solve this, you need to have an intriguing and attention-grabbing content from titles to images. Quotes become effective tools for your content strategies – they can deliver your brand’s messages without publishing a whole narration. They may be short but quotes can effectively deliver thus educating and inspiring your target audience.

2. Quotes trigger emotions

Quotes carry positive vibes and they are generally motivational and inspirational. With all the negativities online, tap on powerful and positive emotions like inspirations. Harvard Business Review reveals that inspirations help in reaching goals, creativity, and over-all wellness. Thus, brands that are into service and products for personal growth, wellness, positive image, health, finance, and other various industries can tap on inspiring quotes for their respective audiences.

One of the goals of social media is to engage with audiences and target markets and quotes can help you with that. How? By validating your audience’s feelings and emotions. Quotes are powerful tools for brands and marketers to communicate to their audience.

3. Quotes can instantly upgrade your visuals

With shorter attention span, visuals in forms of images and videos are effective types of content. Digital marketing guru, Neil Patel stresses that “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual” and using high-quality images can add personal touches to any campaign.

Insert a quote in your traditional images or videos to make it more relevant or use quotes to caption any image in case you are in a creative block. If you need help in finding the right quote to go with your image, feel free to use quote generators like Apagraph.

4. Quotes have proven effective in social media strategies

An article published at Entrepreneur reveals that shareable quotes should be one of the types of social media content brands should be creating. According to the article, quotes are not just easy to create yet it has proven to increase engagement (using high-quality and relevant quotes). The same article mentioned two brands that have successfully utilized the power of quotes in their content strategy plans.

5. Quotes are for every digital marketer

The social media campaign can be competitive with big brands hiring the best minds in the industry to launch impeccable campaigns. Now, what about small businesses? Quotes can spice up your social media content as long as you know what kind of quote to use and how to add them in your visuals or texts.

With easy to use applications like Canva, add the best quote and you will have an upgraded image to share on your platforms. Quotes can also give the usual boring posts without derailing from your brand. For example, posting a fashionable quote is great for fashion brands even small online sellers.

Start adding quotes in your content today

Easy to find, easy to create yet instantly result to an upgraded content, marketers should never underestimate the power of quotes. Whether you are into fitness or gardening, you can always find the best quotes. Feel free to search quotes based on types from inspirational to funny quotes or quotes from famous people. Most of all don’t be afraid to create your own quote and experiment by adding more to your content.

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