Getting hitched is undoubtedly one of the most important milestones of your life. But anniversaries are the actual celebrations of your years of togetherness that bring to light the fact that you have actually stood by each other through thick and thin and restored the vows that you have exchanged on the big day, years ago. This goes without saying that they are extra special.

They say that with the right person time almost flies. That is why anniversaries always tend to arrive sooner than you expect. So if you haven’t quite prepared for your anniversary and strive to plan something that will turn out to be a fond reminisce in the years to come here are some ideas.

The best part of these tips is that you do not have to spend a fortune for making the most of your special day. You can celebrate without cutting corners and that too within a limited budget if you can make use of these ideas efficiently. Just read on.

· Take a Trip Down Memory Lane – Marriage can do wonderful things to your life and one of the best thing is that you get to spend and relive moments that are close to your heart time and again with the love of your life. So you can go for reliving your first date or go for your favourite activities together like that of star-gazing, skiing or just sipping in coffee. You can go to the place where you have first met or to the restaurant where he first proposed. You can revisit those special places to rekindle the love and revive your relationship.

· Spend the Day in Bed for Relaxation and Rejuvenation – If your partner and you have to wake up early every day for jobs or taking care of your kids you can make your anniversary day special by just not slipping out of bed. You can sleep as much as possible and pamper you partner by treating him or her with a special breakfast in bed. You also spend the day in each other’s arms chilling out, relaxing, talking to each other about your dreams and aspirations for this relationship and just enjoying each other’s company. This will be a thoughtful anniversary that your partner will love to the core if he or she is always running against time. You can slip on the gift below the pillow when he or she goes for a bathroom break. This will be a surprise that anyone will just love to relive.

· Plan a Romantic Gateway – If your anniversary is on a weekend you can go out for a romantic long drive to a destination that you both choose. Find your love again amidst the lofty mountains or get sun kissed while sipping on your favourite drink as both of you lie on the beach. Have a romantic candlelight dinner at a place that is cut out from the rest of the world and spend the nights beneath the stars. If your anniversary is on a weekday you can slip into the nearest hotel, switch off your mobiles and indulge in scrumptious food and delicious desserts. You can get the room redecorated in a romantic way. This will be great for spending some time together.

· Have a Personalised Photoshoot – You can book a couple’s photo session with the local photographer and create a treasured memoir that you can store for years. You can keep these as your boudoir collection to relive this day together whenever you want privately or can display the special shots all over your house to make your home your true love-nest.

· Try Something Unusual – It is your anniversary and you can make it stand out by doing something that you have not tried before like go for a special wine testing experience, or opt for some social work which will enable you to not only make you day special but also some others who need it. You can also try going for a hot balloon ride at the sunrise or sunset. All these are not only romantic but will also help you to create new memories that you will cherish for years.

The above are some of the most romantic yet inexpensive ways that you can make use of to celebrate you your wedding anniversary each year. These are suggested by the professionals of a renowned company of event management who have hosted a plethora of successful events over the years and know exactly how you can make the most of your special day of love.

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