Moving into a new space can be daunting. Not only can it be a costly feat but it’s also easy to fall into old routines or find yourself surrounded by a clutter of furniture. Before getting lost in a furniture store or down the rabbit-hole of online shopping, consider these tips for making the most of a new space or when learning how to re-shape an existing one.

Make A Statement!

Found a piece you had to have? Purchased it in the heat of the moment without a second thought about your budget or style? Don’t fret, statement pieces can turn a clinical room into a home and act as a center to build the rest of your style around. Not all statement pieces have to be expensive, colorful, or large. If the piece livens up a dull space, it’s a statement, because that is what it creates.

Applying your style, or tying the piece into the rest of the room can be the tricky part. Take one element of your statement piece (color, fabric, placement, theme, etc.) and consider how it can inspire the rest of the room. Place a console table against the wall of the room; above it you may hang a large collection of scattered personal images in frames, dressing the table in a runner, vase, and collection of perfume or liquor bottles. Work with your statement piece by co-ordinating soft furnishings, art, wall colors and other furniture.

Be Bright

Plenty of furniture does not scream ‘Wow!’, but that doesn’t mean it has to blend in. Bright colors such as red, blue, and yellow can be jarring—alternate shades, hues and opposing colors to depth in your room. Using a statement color on your wall can be bold, but dull down the shock with neutral shades to create a reprieve. Conversely, using bright furniture against a soft background can create a bright entertaining space to suit any tastes. If you’re fickle with your tastes, commit without breaking the bank by investing in different soft furnishings to suit your needs—be bright with cushions and blankets and dress your walls to suit this season’s trends.

Choose Your Theme

Themes can be difficult to pick, and even when you do decide, co-ordinating furniture and customizing to your tastes can be an overwhelming task. Themes can be diverse, broad, niche, and change with the times. With everything to consider, how can you choose a theme that works for you—do you need a theme at all?

Themes are not often necessary; often, coordination is enough to create an inviting space, but if you desire decking out your pad with a theme, consider your color preferences. Your tastes can influence which styles may be applicable to you. Start by bringing interchangeable pieces into your room like cushions and ceramics, before painting walls or purchasing furniture.

Storage, Storage, Storage!

Depending on the amount of space you have, storage can be a make-or-break requirement for any furniture you purchase. Shelves are essential, however those of us with less space should opt for different storage options. Our Florence Coffee Table ($458.00) features two drawers for remote controls and magazines, and our Georgia King Bed Frame ($999.00) contains two large drawers for linen. Decide how much storage you require before purchasing any furniture or shelves to avoid having to return unnecessary or space-poor items.

Know Your Basics

There are four essentials we all need: a bed, table, chair, pillow and blanket. Each piece should be adaptable to fit a number of jobs without compromising style. Our Florence Dining Chairs ($169.00 each) envelope style and function and can be dressed accordingly with soft furnishings. Pair the chairs with our Florence 900 Dining Table ($525.00) and your style can begin to emerge. If you’re not into Tuscany, a Norwegian escape may be more your speed with our Oslo 1800 Dining Table ($729.00). Use your table as a desk, kitchen counter, and console table—place it against the wall to create more floor space and it can work as a hall table with our Yellow Celtic Bowl ($14.00) as a place to store your keys.

Whether this is your first or fifth home, choosing furniture is not for the faint hearted. Remember your harshest critic is often yourself, so clear your mind and check out our other blog posts to help your decision-making.

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