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5 Trailers We Want at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC)

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San Diego Comic Con is the premier event to get all your superhero movie trailers. Some of the largest reveals have taken place right at SDCC. This year should be no different. With some of the best franchises have to offer coming out over the next year or so, there ought to be a whole lot to get excited for. Which trailers are we hoping to see?

Aquaman: Rumors are already swirling that there’s some teaser in the works for Aquaman. With how excited people are to see Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League a teaser this far in advance really could push anticipation over the edge. One of the biggest challenges will be the visual effects for Aquaman. The film itself could push the limits of what a special effects team can do. As we’ve seen at times in Wonder Woman, creating a visually stunning setting combined with a great story and a top-notch cast helps draw an audience in. Maybe 17 months is too early for a trailer but stranger things have happened and the movie is already in production.

Justice League: After the first Justice League trailer fans grew a bit concerned over the usual DC tone of the film. Showing it’s darker and gritty side caused an uproar on social media. Some people loved the trailer and others tore it apart. The movie comes out in November so there’s not much time left to create buzz. Expect WB and DC to pull out the big guns for the second JL trailer at SDCC. Will we finally get a glimpse of Superman? Do they or do they not have a Green Lantern? Who is the main villain? There are so many questions that could be answered. Their second trailer ought to be their best so far.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: We were hoping to get some sort of look at the new Han Solo project. However, with all the controversy currently surrounding the film, it looks like that’ll be too much to ask. Luckily for us, there is still another Star Wars movie coming out much sooner, The Last Jedi. With their first teaser, SW showed off a much darker side of their universe. Episode VIII could be the best movie to date if they can pull it off. Fans both loved VII and felt a little cheated in it’s similarities to A New Hope. Look for TLJ to be the turning point of the third set of trilogies and Disney to fire their big guns.

Avengers: Infinity War: While Avengers: Infinity War is almost a year away, there’s still hope. Remember when they released The Force Awakens teaser almost a year in advanced. Black Panther has had a trailer for a couple months now and it doesn’t come out until February. The next installment of the Avengers would send fans through the roof. With how big the scale for this movie is and for the long-lasting effects it will have on the MCU it may pop up somewhere. The movie releases well before SDCC next year, so keep your fingers crossed even if it is highly unlikely.

Deadpool 2: There doesn’t even need to be a trailer for this. Any sort of teaser for the film can only help an already adoring fan base. Ryan Reynolds could be dressed up as Deadpool shooting random shenanigans around town and have nothing to do with the movie and we’d get a kick out of it. With how much the put into advertising for the first film it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to see something so far in advance. Even if it’s only a short 30-second clip that somehow teases the rest of the cast of characters it’ll be enough. Hopefully, Fox comes through.

It’s hard to predict just what trailers will come out this year. So many films are in production or rumored to be starting that it’s too soon to tell. Studios have films scheduled up until at least 2020 and maybe beyond. Can the superhero train keep chugging along? If this year’s SDCC proves anything, it might be that they’re the strongest they’ve ever been.

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