Nature Inside home

We all love to decorate our home, after all, home is the only relaxing place for most people. Another space which relaxes people is being in nature, enjoying the fresh breeze while listening to the birds’ chirp and viewing the visually relaxing colors of nature. What if we tell you that you can combine your two relaxing spaces into one?

We have a few tips to bring nature inside your home;

  1. Use Natural Hues Color 

Your home color theme can be inspired by nature. Nature has a mix set of colors hence you can also do the same in your house by using different colors in different rooms to give it a unique touch. The hue of color choices can also be inspired by the outdoor. Instead of going for dark shades, choose soothing shades, that will brighten up our home and make you feel joyful whenever you are in your home.

  1. Bring Nature Indoors:

Decorating your home with plants, pebbles, stones, twigs can really make your home lively. Add a few indoor plants in the corners and use small potted plants as a centerpiece instead of plastic flowers. Live plants will make your home feel fresh.

Nature Inside home

  1. Use Nature’s Texture:

Nature is not just about the color but also the texture hence you need to bring that element in your home so that it is inspired by nature. Mix patterns and textures for your walls like floral. You can also add patterns by layering your room with pillows and blankets with such patterns and textures.

  1. Decorate According to the Season:

There square measure four seasons- fall, winter, spring, and summer. You can enjoy these seasons at your home too by making small changes every season. In winter you can add rugs to your rooms to make it feel cozy. In summer you can remove the rugs and add blinding curtains to keep the sun out. In spring, use colorful curtains to make your home look bright and light.

  1. Work Around the Obstacles Created by Nature:

There are many houses which have been constructed in such a way that the obstacles created by nature have been used as an element of the house. Recently I visited a house which has been constructed in the hills and instead of cutting the hill, which was entering the house space, the house was built in such a way that a part of the hill is a decorative piece of the hall. Another house I saw was built around a 150 years old mango tree in such a way that the tree was not damaged while construction. Try to uproot as little natural elements as possible while constructing your home.

  1. Focus on the Nature Outdoor:

A house is not just about the interiors but the exteriors as well. When we talk about nature, a garden seems to be the perfect option to make your home green. Build a beautiful garden in your front lawn to make your home look beautiful from the exterior as well. Do not forget to fence your garden from as it gives your home an aesthetic appeal and also keeps the critters away from your garden.

Nature is a powerful sense and if you could design your home to replicate its life-force, then you do not need to step outside your home to enjoy it, rather you can experience it at the comfort of your own home. 

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