Men: 7 Things Guys Absolutely Hate About Missionary Sex

Sexual intercourse is one of the many joys that life gives us. For both men and women, sexual intercourse can be a way of connecting with their partner, strengthening their bond and letting off some steam.

Sex isn’t only a sensual activity, but also has many benefits for the human body. The first and most obvious benefits is the fact that sex has a similar effect on the body as exercise. During sexual activities, your heart rate rises, your muscles are getting stronger, and you are burning calories. In fact, according to Doctor Mercola, a person can burn as much as four calories per minute while participating in sexual intercourse. 

Apart from the benefits sex has on your physique, it is reported that frequent sexual intercourse can also improve your heart health, relief pain, reduce stress levels, put you in a better mood, give you a glowing complexion and improve your sleep quality. Another major benefit of sex is the fact that it may reduce the risk of obtaining prostate cancer among men due to the stimulation that occurs within their testicles.

The most common sexual position that is performed by couples is known as the missionary position.

This position simply involves two people lying on top of each other. While it is the “common” and “default” style of sexual intercourse, some people are not very comfortable with this position. According to News Lite TV, as much as 60% of the Britain population perform sexual intercourse only in a missionary position. If you are used to this position, then this article is perfect for you.

We are going to explore some of the main reasons why guys aren’t really into the missionary position.

1. Guys Do All Of The Work

Yes, with the missionary sex position, guys are doing all of the work. They need to perform all of the movements that are necessary for pleasurable sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, this does not appeal to every guy out there. There are a lot of sexual positions that require equal input from both partners to make sex pleasurable – these positions will still give the guy the upper hand, without making him feel like his doing all of the work.

Plus, when the guy isn’t doing all of the work, he can better control issues such as premature ejaculation and other problems that he may have.

2. Missionary Is Not Very Creative

Think about it. You are just lying on top of each other. There’s absolutely no adventure or creativity tied to the missionary sex position. A report published in Psychology Today explains that there is a link between love and creativity. A group of people was asked to perform several tasks. The idea of the study was to see how love and lust effected creativity.

The results were that love had a significant positive impact on creativity. Thus, if you are in love with your partner, then your creativity should also be elevated. Use it to come up with some clever ideas about how you can escape from the default missionary position and try something new. Who knows, it might even bring the bond you have with your partner to a new level.

3. He Might Be Self-Conscious

Sex is a private activity that is shared among two partners. It is also an activity that often makes people feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. This means that you should do whatever you can in order to lighten the mood and make it as comfortable as possible. If your guy is very self-conscious, especially when he is a bit husky, he may feel odd lying on top of you.

This can cause him to worry about pushing you into the mattress, or he might be wondering if he is too heavy for you. This can even lead to a weakened erection, which may cause your guy to think that he is starting to develop erectile dysfunction. This is not something you want, so try to experiment with a position that will not make him feel as self-conscious.

4. No Visuals

Guys usually like to be very visual during sexual intercourse. They want to see as much as possible. This makes them more attracted to their partner and usually boosts their sexual desire. You should realize that your guy is very familiar with your eyes and even your entire face. It is the one thing he is always staring at – during dates, in bed, and on many other occasions.

The missionary position requires you to stare at each other’s faces while you are having sex. Nothing new. Try a different position that will show off the best of your body parts. This may help to spice things up in the bedroom.

5. It Gets Old

Sorry, but this is true. If you’ve been with a guy for a very long time and all you have been doing is missionary sex, then you should know by now that it gets old. It’s like getting into a habit that you just can’t get out of, but do not enjoy anymore. Doing the same thing over and over again without taking breaks or without changing things now-and-then can become frustrating and… as we’ve already mentioned… old.

Trying to spice things up a bit by experimenting with other sex positions can bring something new to your relationship and your sex life.

6. There’s A Tight Mouth To Ear Space

While some people are very quiet during sexual intercourse, others like to scream and make noises. If your guy is lying on top of you and you like to make sounds during sex, then you should consider the fact that his ears are very close to your mouth. Thus, every sound you make will be intensified for him. If you like to make sounds during sex, consider a position that will keep your mouth further away from his ears.

Not only can your sounds make him feel distorted, but it could also be an offset and be unattractive when it is so close to his ears.

7. There’s Nothing Exciting About Missionary Sex

While missionary sex is the oldest and default sex position, it literally involves two people lying on top of each other. There’s a lot of aspects that could be very unpleasant when performing sex in this position – where do your guy’s arms go? What if he is too heavy for you? Apart from these facts, missionary sex is also very boring and have no excitement to it. Excitement can often put a huge spark in the bedroom while you are having sex. Even just trying out a new position once can be exciting, especially if you have been performing sex in a missionary position for a very long time.


While sex can provide a lot of pleasure to both partners participating, it can also be boring if it is not done right.

Even though missionary sex is the most common position that most people use, it has nothing about it that can make you feel adventurous. Next time you are having sexual intercourse with your guy, try something new.

It does not have to be extreme.

If your guy is feeling self-conscious about trying something that seems to be a bit wild, try a product such as Erect On Demand – this will give him the ability to perform even when he feels awkward, and it might just be what he needs to experience the excitement of trying out new positions.


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