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A Buyer’s Guide To Selecting The Best Four-Person Tent For Camping!


June 16, 2019

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It’s up to you how much you want to budget for buying a new 4 person tent, but there are several things to take into consideration than just the sticker price if you want to be sure you’ve chosen the best 4 person tent for you, and your needs.

If you’re not sure exactly what those things may be then keep reading – as here we’ve put together a handy guide that anyone tent shopping should find useful when faced with dozens of styles, shapes and sizes to choose between.

How to select the best 4 person camping tent

Be clear on how you plan to use the 4 person tent

That may seem obvious – but camping means different things to different people. For some it’s a cheap and convenient place to lay their head at a festival, while for others it’s shelter miles from civilization at the end of a long hike. Some people like to pull up at a campsite and that’s it, others prefer a little more independence.

Choosing the right 4 person tent for the right type of use is really important as it could easily make the difference between a fun time getting back to nature, and a stressful endurance test!

Don’t underestimate the space you need in a 4 person tent

You don’t need to have four people on a trip to buy a 4 person tent, obviously, but if you do it’s worth looking at the more spacious versions, where if there will just be one or two people using it then a smaller style could be perfectly fine.

How much effort do you want to/are you able to make to set up a four person tent?

Let’s be honest – anything more than the most basic lightweight 4 person tent is going to get heavy when carried far, and trust me when I say that huge and heavy loads are a nuisance if you plan to carry the tent with you for miles on foot. Some styles are tricky to put together and need several pairs of hands, complicated peg and roping systems or an engineering college degree to get them up and functional, while others are almost able to set themselves up with practically no effort on your part.

Which is the best shape four person tent for you?

The days of most tents being ridge style (typical triangle shape) are long gone. These days you can choose from several designs, and they each vary in the amount of space they offer, in weight, and in ease of set up.

Choosing a good shaped 4 person tent for you means thinking about things like how much physical space they offer/you need, the interior height when erected, how much help you need to set it up, how far you plan to carry it, and of course, the size of your budget. Here are some pointers to guide you.

Space – around thirty square feet for each person using the tent is considered comfortable, while forty square feet each would be very much so, but of course, that depends on who exactly will be inside it! Tall or larger adults obviously need more space than young children – but overall it’s probably safest to look at tents big enough to be fine for the people using it most often.

Storage – related to space, but more about the luggage you are likely to bring than the people. If you have say air beds rather than sleeping bags, or arewild camping so need to bring absolutely everything necessary with you then more space is needed than in a situation where bulky items can be stored in a nearby vehicle.

Privacy – another element of the space debate. While couples, friends, and families with smaller children may be fine with a 100% shared space there are other situations where having two distinct sleeping areas are preferable. This is where a multi-room tent can be a solid investment. Some have very basic dividers which can be removed or tied up when not needed, making them flexible and good for a variety of situations.

With the above things in mind let’s look at some typical tent shapes you will come across when looking around for one to buy.

Dome tents

· One of the most popular designs, they feature 2-3 poles bent into a semi-circle.

· Offers decent head space

· Quite easy to put together

· Can cope with average to heavy amounts of rain and wind if using 3 poles

· Many designs have a porch section which is useful for storage

· A manageable weight

· Usually very affordable

· No need for guy-lines and pegs (unless the weather is harsh)

Tunnel tents

· Make the best use of space

· Very easy to assemble/pitch

· Can be deceptively large inside

· Pegs and guy-lines are essential

· Don’t cope with high wind to the sides very well

· Heavier than some other styles so best for drive-in campsites

· Many come with porch section for extra storage space

For the most space – Vis-à-vis tent

In French, this is a face-to-face tent, which is basically two generous size tents connected by a shared space. A very comfortable fit for four people, this is the perfect tent for times when you really need some personal space or sharing a smaller space would be unworkable.

For more specific advice and information on choosing the best 4 person tent take a look at more tips from experts like those over atRainy Adventures. Once you have your perfect tent there are many years of adventure just waiting for you to enjoy. Take your family, your dog, your pals or just yourself if you want to get away from it all – regardless, a comfortable tent will ensure you have a great time.

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