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Patricia Torres is a brave girl. She crosses every difficulty by suitably encouraging herself. She starts from pangs of hunger and leads herself with the key to success. She is also an inspiring youth with her work.

Beginning Of Voyage:

Patricia Torres was born and raised in Costa Rica. She lived a happy life there. Life was full of dreams and charms. She came to California at the age of nine. She struggled too hard for her success. Adapting things are easy but leaving them all behind is too difficult. Her childhood is full of memories, and dreams are also full of inspiration. She starts her career as a backstage TV host. She took interviews with all musicians before they went on stage. She was doing her work with full interest. Later on, her mother takes her to the USA when she was only nine years old. It was a big change for Patricia Torres. This place brings a new place, new people, and also new dreams. The most serious difficulty is that she didn’t know how to speak English.

Patricia’s family’s legal status has not been secured in the United States. She had the urge to work and succeed in any condition. After some time, Patricia asked her mom to do some fascinating so that she could do a job; then, her mother facilitated the use of fake Documents so that she would be able to get a job in any place. Fortunately, all in vain, and she got her first job as a cashier at McDonald’s. After great hard work and potential, she would obtain her residency here in the United States. She steps from being hungry to get success on every point.

Influencing Star:

Guitjoo Patricia Torres is an influencing star. She influences people through her hard struggle. She is inspiring the youth through his work and abilities. She starts with nothing but doing hard work for the next generation. Her passion is so powerful that she gains it with hard struggle and efforts. Experiencing things makes a man perfect in many ways.

Rising Star:

Guitjoo Patricia Torres’s passion is to grow businesses, putting music shows together, and build anyone to grow so they can make it. Patricia’s true passion is to work hard and break the records of the entertainment industry. She is recently working in an in-charge of all media requests for different venues, marketing, and the company’s image. She is also working on event planning and weddings.

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