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For the sake of safety of our children, we need to have some idea as to the materials used for building the equipment they so fondly play with at the playground. It might be possible that those playthings are outdated and need replacement.

If you are looking forward to have your child play at a private facility, you can contact an Australian playground equipment supplier for your assistance. Even though you get in touch with the experts, you should do your own research before you get involved in the process. You will need to ensure the safety and longevity of the materials they’d be using so that would minimize your cost of maintenance and provide your child with utmost fun.

Further, we have discussed some of the points you must keep in mind while discussing with a professional:

  1. Different Surfaces- 
  • Metal – It’s the most commonly used material due to its durability and polished look. The only drawbacks to using this are the burns due to excessive sun exposure along with corrosion, especially if it’s uncoated. 
  • Plastic – Use of this will definitely reduce the risk of burns, but it isn’t durable, as it might crack easily. 
  • Wood – An ideal option for playgrounds being exposed to excessive sunlight for longer durations, but it can harbor insects and also rot quickly in the humid areas.
  • Rubber – It is used for covering the hardware and materials in the structure, to prevent injuries.
  • Gator Grip – It is a three-dimensional structure made to ensure the safety of kids. It can get slippery due to rain or dew and therefore it is advisable to dry up the surface before kids play with it.
  1. Appropriate fall ground – Make sure you have required depth of cushioning for the safe play of your children. You can use solid rubber or rubber nuggets with wood fibre or tile form
  2. Maintenance – Regular maintenance of playground will ensure that the life of playground equipments and its surface last long. Scheduling weekly or daily inspection of playground will make it safer for the kids. During inspection look for issues like cracked plastic, broken equipment, rusted metal, loose anchors and more.
  3. Installation with proper spacing – The latest guidelines on spacing between playground equipment should be followed. If adequate spacing is not provided between the equipment it can lead to hitting or scraping of surface of other surface or even premature ware out. Distance between the play equipment will also depend upon height, surface and functions of the equipment. 
  4. Before finalising the surface to be used, bear in mind the locality where you’re building the play area. For instance- In a humid climate, metal or plastic would be more durable.

Having to choose child-safe materials for the playground equipment is as important as the design you select. It is an overwhelming and costly process, hence we advise to get assistance of experienced professionals to aid you to build your ideal playground catering to all your needs.

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