Ever since their creation, sunglasses became a serious fashion statement. Not only do they protect your eyes from the light, especially if you’re in the spotlight, but they increase your coolness level. And how cool can a celebrity be? Well, if he or she wears sunglasses most of the time, more power to them. If you are still reluctant about sunglasses, perhaps one of your favorite celebs digs the shady look and can inspire you to take it up.

1. Jennifer Lopez

When she is not on stage or on screen, when she’s just Jenny from the block, this spicy Latina always has a pair of Dior’s around. Jennifer Lopez is also a frequent paparazzi target, and shades definitely help with hiding a wild night. And with J. Lo at the top of the entertainment game, taking her fashion statement as truth is a certainty. Brooklyn knows what’s good!

Jennifer Lopez

2. Elton John

Before anyone thought it was cool, Elton John started wearing sunglasses day in and day out. He was seen without them – pretty much never! So much so that he didn’t take them off when he met the queen during his knighting, not even when he finally got married. He was also the first person who matched his sunglasses to his outfit! That says something about how much he takes this fashion statement seriously.

Elton John

3. Anna Wintour

When it comes to the fashion world and sunglasses, there is no one better to represent it than Anna Wintour. The editor-in-chief of Vogue (no less), is probably the greatest proponent of how to own sunglasses as your personal style. And when you are the one who finds and mentors Vera Wang, the fashion aspect of accessories never comes into question!

Anna Wintour

4. Victoria Beckham

When you are as posh as Posh Spice, it’s hard not to wear sunglasses throughout the day. Not only do sunglasses protect your vision, but when you are Miss Beckham – the paparazzi magnet, being glamorous and incognito is a good course of action. And while her husband rarely wears this fashion accessory, Victoria can’t get enough of shades. Maybe that’s the reason why she is so popular, and married to a renowned sport hunk.

Victoria Beckham

5. Slash

While most of us can get our cool designer sunglasses online, this rock legend and guitar guru receives his for free from Ray Bam. But then again, no one on this planet can imagine the lead guitarist of Guns ‘n’ Roses without his signature pilot shades and top-hat. As far as skill goes, he may have equals, but nobody in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame has a fashion style as good as Slash.


6. Johnny Depp

One of the intriguing men on the planet, is the essence of cool. Apart from his raw talent, and scruffy, rock image, Johnny Depp is rarely seen without colorful rectangular shades. Blue, purple, red, yellow, they all look oh-so-good on him. And while he might need to take them off for a role, once the scene is complete the specs come back on again.

Johnny Depp

7. Cee Lo Green

One of the great artists of soul, who mesmerizes us with his voice and inspires us to take to the groove, also never grooves around without a pair of sunglasses. We all might be a bit “crazy”, but there is nothing crazy about wearing shades like Cee Lo. Maybe the glasses hide his soul, but luckily for us we can hear it during his spectacular performances.

Cee Lo Green

8. Jennifer Lawrence

One of the hottest actresses on set today, also adores her sunglasses. When she’s not playing Katniss or Mystique and kicking ass on screen, she’s enjoying a shaded view of the world. Leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans, and of course her aviators make her one of the hottest actresses for a reason.

Jennifer Lawrence

9. Kim Kardashian

Kim’s trip to fame had its ups and downs, but for years now she has been on everyone’s lips, and also in every paparazzi’s lens. Due to the ridiculous amount of attention from the media, she began wearing sunglasses. In our opinion it just makes the curvy beauty all the more desirable.

Kim Kardashian

With the hottest, most successful, and most renowned people wearing a pair of sunglasses, it is time to tint your vision and get with the shady program.