Adam Sandler hasn’t had too many box office hits over the last decade. Recently, he signed a deal with Netflix to produce original movies for the streaming service. His first film of the deal, The Ridiculous Six, was met with much criticism and bad reviews from critics. However, Sandler’s second film with Netflix, The Do Over, is a worthy effort that might erase some of the negative press of Ridiculous Six.

The Do Over wasn’t as atrocious as some of Sandler’s most recent projects. The film centers around Max ( Sandler ) and Charlie ( David Spade ), a couple of friends who decide to fake their own deaths in order to start a fresh life with new identities. Of course, it’s not going to be that easy. The two find themselves caught up in some unfortunate circumstances.

The Do Over keeps you guessing throughout its entirety. There are quite a few twists during the film as well. Both Max and Charlie have pretty elaborate stories, some of which you don’t see coming. There is a good amount of story to follow as well, something Sandler’s most recent films failed to include.

As with most Sandler films, the humor is hit and miss. Some parts are funnier than others, and not every joke will hit with the general audience. However, fans of Adam Sandler will be a happy to know his typical slapstick routine is in full effect. Also, featured are some familiar faces from the Happy Madison family including Nick Swardson.

One thing to look for in the film is it’s soundtrack. The music in the film, which was heavily influenced by Jimmy Buffet esque tracks, plays right into the film’s early scenes. While it’s not a revolutionary musical film, it’s just nice to hear a little Kenny Chesney or Jake Owen while bumming it on the beach.

The Do Over does have its faults.
The film is a tad too long, and the numerous twists can make it a little hard to follow. Also, if you haven’t seen a Sandler film before you’re probably not going to like The Do Over. It’s a tad more raunchy than his theater films, but as mentioned before, Sandler’s humor is very hit or miss.

Netflix has produced better movies recently. Although, The Do Over isn’t a terrible way to spend a night. It has got its faults, but it’s worth a laugh or two. Don’t let The Ridiculous Six influence your opinion of Sandler, because he’s so much better than that, and this film proves it.

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