Apple’s Smartwatch Still at the Top | The Series 5 Review

Once again Apple has made an undefeated statement with the new Series 5 version of your favourite Apple Watch. With the new model, you get to enjoy all you loved about the previous version plus better features and a few upgrades. The Apple Watch Series 5 is a superior version to the Apple Watch Series 4.

The one feature that captures your attention even before you look into the upgraded software is the always-on screen. You no longer have to lift your watch to see what is on the screen. All necessary details are dimly displayed for quick reading.

Though the software upgrade is not major, it still makes a notable difference compared to the previous watch. Upgrading to this version is worth every consideration and Sell My Mobile makes it easy to trade in your old devices for recycling with the best deals that the market can offer.

Availability and Price of the Series 5 Apple Watch

Just like its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 5 was launched at the price of £399 for the 40 mm primary screen. You can, however, get the 44 mm screen watch at a starting price of £429. The size should not be your decision point in terms of which one is the male or female version. Surprisingly, the 40mm version has a larger screen than the Series 3 Apple Watch with a 42mm screen size. You should try them on before deciding on which one to stick with.

You can choose your ideal colour from silver, space grey or gold. All have an aluminium finish. Alternatively, you could select the advanced stainless steel version with gold, silver and space black colours from £699.

The premium Apple watches are made of titanium as well. You can choose from either the natural metal titanium look or space black titanium finish, both from an affordable price of £799. However, this is not the highest version. Apple also has a ceramic make that is white, whose price starts from £1299.

The partnership between Nike and Apple lives on. The Nike branded Apple watches have the Nike Run App, and its design comes with gorgeous leather straps and Hermes for watches made of stainless steel.

The watches’ storage is now available at 32 GB, which is quite adequate, especially for music lovers and other forms of bulk storage.

Apple Watch Series 5 Screen

Many people did not enjoy the lift version in previous model, so the always-on screen model is seen as a significant relief to Apple customers. This has been made possible by the LPTO material that was not used in previous versions. The screen also has a low-energy screen controller and an S5 chip for enhanced power management. Remember that you could trade in your old devices for recycling with Sell My Mobile, whether it is a Samsung brand or previous versions of Apple watches.

Series 5’s Performance

The new Apple Watch comes with an S5 processor, which is more efficient than the S4 processor in the Series 4 model. The S5 processor focuses more on better use of power and energy controllers. The speed has, however, not changed, which is still fine as the S4 speed works better than other smartwatches. The data loading feature within applications and wireless performance are also excellent.

The watch is entirely compatible with iPhone 11, especially in Bluetooth connections. Its battery life is fantastic. In fact, it is better than the manufacturer’s recommendation. On an average day, you might end up with a battery at 35%, meaning you do not have to walk around with a charger.


The Series 4 was impeccable but the Series 5 is even more astonishing. Sell My Mobile allows you to compare trade-in prices with different recycling companies for your Apple devices as well as other brands such as Samsung and Huawei.


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