There are several broadband providers in the UK. Each has different packages for various market segments. This makes choosing the ideal broadband a headache for most of the residents. In this article, you will learn the most important areas that determine if you are getting the best deal for your broadband subscription.



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You need a broadband service that provides you with a smooth experience, whether streaming a movie or opening an email attachment. The load times for internet pages should not be too slow such that it takes ages for a page to load or movies keep buffering. It is important to check the minimum speed levels offered by a few providers before settling on one.

Unfortunately, checking speeds can be a little confusing as speed goes down when there is high traffic in a given location. There was a minimum speed regulation put in place a while back that sought to provide customers with a speed guarantee during the peak times (8 am to 10 pm). According to regulations, if speeds keep going below the threshold, customers would be allowed to switch providers after a month’s notice without paying penalties. Deals with average speeds of over 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps should work for most households and small businesses. Anything below that may not be worth it.



Broadband providers put a cap on how much data you can use in a month. They charge separately for any data you use above the said limit. If you stream HD quality movies or download heavy files regularly, you are likely using lots of data. However, if you are a light user who utilises data on internet surfing, social media and checking emails only, you are less likely to hit the cap. People with multiple devices also use lots of data.

Estimate your average data usage per month by checking your usage behaviour. If you always get over the cap from one month to another, the chances are that you are not getting the best deal. You can always upgrade your subscription or look for another provider with better rates for a larger bandwidth.


Availability of Business Services

Several business services such as video conferencing, e-commerce, VoIP and sending of large files require high speeds and a large bandwidth. The best deal should provide packages for business needs where you enjoy a large bandwidth and have a speed guarantee. If you always suffer slow speeds and hit the cap for your business, you are getting the wrong internet package for your needs. Ask for business offers or shop around for better offers.


Contract Length


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Many internet providers would like to hold on to their customers. They do this by drawing a contract that requires several months’ notice if the customer chooses to leave. Others charge a hefty penalty to customers who leave with short notice.

Ideally, you should not be bound to an internet service that does not serve your needs. If you are looking for good deals, check the contract length beforehand. Where possible, go for providers with monthly to two-month renewable contracts. With such flexible terms, you can always switch to a new provider if the current one does not serve your needs.



The cost of the internet differs with broadband speed, bandwidth and any additional services such as calling. Only pay for services you really need and speeds that serve your needs. However, if your subscription or additional services are too expensive, you may need to get a better offer.


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