It is always fun to throw a hypothetical trades in the sports world. However, I have learned that it is better to have some statistics and information to back up what you are saying so then people do not think you are nuts. I was thinking of a possible trade scenario that can possibly be something that could happen. Again I would like to stress that there is no evidence that Chris Johnson may be traded, I am just throwing a hypothetical situation.

Chris Johnson has been in Arizona for the previous two seasons and has been in the National Football League since 2008. In addition to playing for the Arizona Cardinals, he has played for the New York Jets and the Titans. In the beginning part of his career with the Titans, he was being viewed as to be one of the game’s next big players. However, he would end up getting hit with injuries that would end up derailing his career. As I was looking where I could see him going, there was a team I thought of that could use his services.

The San Diego Chargers are in need of someone to backup Melvin Gordon and take the load off of him. They had Danny Woodhead backing up Melvin Gordon, but he got injured and is now on the Injured Reserve. It should be noted that they just signed Dexter McCluster to back up Gordon, but they could also use Chris Johnson as well. While you have McCluster and Gordon, by adding Johnson to the mix you give Phillip Rivers more targets on offense.

For this to happen, the Chargers would need to send someone back to Arizona. I thought they could send back Denzel Perryman. I am aware that the Cardinals have a great core of defense players, but you can never have too many. He is also only 23 years old and could become a leader on the defense for years to come. I am a believer that with a defense could do wonders if a defensive coordinator has players that can plug into different roles.

This trade does well for both the Arizona Cardinals and the San Diego Chargers as it helps both teams needs and helps with their current plans.