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Arrow Season 6: Preview (video)

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With the wrap up of season 5, we were left with so many questions on Arrow. So many people were left for dead. The only two people we knew made it out alive were Oliver and his son William. Team Arrow just got a whole lot smaller. Or did it? I mean, they can’t kill off all the main characters, can they? Season 6 would basically be a reboot of the entire show if they did. When do we get answers?

Surely at San Diego Comic Con, right?

We anxiously awaited the trailer since the end of season 5. Even the smallest glimpse of the new season would give us some kind of idea as to who stays and who goes. Then came comic con and the CW teased:

We waited 2 months to get a 3 and a half minute clip, half of which was a recap of last season. I feel so…cheated. With that being said, the second half of the trailer did have a few reveals. Most importantly, Williams mother is guaranteed to be gone. In the trailer, Oliver has taken his son in to care for. The question is, with how little free time he currently has how will it factor into both his time as mayor and his time as the Arrow. If having time to patch things up with Felicity was tough, image what caring for a child who fears you will do. And how long before he reveals himself.

After a whole lot of action comes another glimpse of hope, it seems both the new(uh, newer) Black Canary is back and so is the original. At this point, I feel like I’m watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie with all the birds. Well, at least we’ll see a shell of his former team. I’d be willing to wager they’re not the only one returning, but there has to be at least one big departure. Each season has taken a major piece from Oliver’s life. Who will be the latest victim?

Then there’s Slade Wilson. What will his next move be? In the trailer for season 6, he both looks like an ally and an enemy. Will they bring the shows best villain back to betray our hero or will they go a whole new route? Clearly, the fire in the background is what’s left of Lian Yu, and Oliver calls out to Slade. Do we see the moment he saves Team Arrow’s sidekicks?

Finally, there’s a weird looking man, sitting at an interrogation table with a fizzy drink that explodes. While that can lead to just about anything, there’s a bit of curiosity. First and foremost, that is the police station so I guess we have to assume Quentin Lance is alive? How else would Oliver still have access to the police station? Surely the mayor can’t just walk in and interrogate whomever he chooses. Will there be a whole new connection there, or is Lance back on the mainland safe?

Arrow’s season 6 teaser brought up just as many questions as the finale did. With just over a minute of new footage, we didn’t get to see a ton. After the action shots, they snuck in maybe 15 seconds of a reveal. Will the mystery be enough to entice viewers back to the show next season? Find out on October 12th.

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