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Arsenal Fans Shouldn’t Blame Giroud For Lack of Goals

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Olivier Giroud

London, England – Arsenal fans have been quick to pile blame on Olivier Giroud for the Gunner’s recent goal drought but they should focus their frustration towards the midfielders.


Giroud is the focal point that the midfielders play the ball into so, that they can switch the point of play. He needs the midfielders to make runs in behind the defense to give him and the other midfielders more room to operate.


Since the injuries to Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey the deep runs in behind the defense have come to a stop.  Without these deep runs the space for Giroud and the midfielders to operate has become very congested and that has contributed to the lack of goals.


The quality players like Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla, and Jack Wilshere have the quality to navigate these cramped spaces but can’t be relied on to happen against the strongest teams. They need more space so that they can be creative and provide goals.


These players need make the effort to make the runs in behind the opposing teams backline. They may not get the ball but that will open up space. These deep runs will also occupy the centerback who is not marking Giroud, which will give him and the midfielders more space to operate.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain made these runs against Crystal Palace and scored two wonderful goals. His performance showed that these runs are needed if the Gunners are going to score. If the other midfielders made the same effort Oxlade-Chamberlain made in this game they would score goals just like Ramsey and Walcott were doing before their injuries.


Once these runs are made again the Arsenal attack will be scoring goals once again.

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