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Marketing: How Have Brands Started To Support Our Teens?

Brands are also aware of the need to prepare for what comes next; teens will make up the consumer pool of the future, and so advertising to this group is vital. The teenage generation utilise different shopping techniques than their parents. Think social network influence such as Instagram, streaming platforms and reviews from platforms like YouTube, this is a generation that grew up with the internet. But which brands are
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Lifestyle: The Demand For Travelling In Luxury

Extra comfort is quickly reaching dizzy heights on our travel agendas. Whether it’s car rental for a business trip, or relaxing to the max on your summer holiday, sometimes we simply can’t resist travelling in luxury. Here, we look at how to best travel in luxury as budget alternatives. Airport There are many benefits to take advantage of at the airport. These include the airport lounge which comes with complimentary
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Travel: Where Are The Most Fashionable Destinations Of 2018?

There are various cities across the globe which prove to be both a fashion blogger’s haven and a shopper’s paradise. We’ve teamed up with male fashion experts Frank Wright, who stock stylish brown chukka boots, to run through online fashion retailer Zalando’s list of the most fashionable destinations of 2018 and detail just how much money you’ll need to visit each one… 5. Florence, Italy Over the past ten years
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Tech: How Technology Is Changing Our Takeaways

Technology has impacted a wide range of sectors, and in particular, we’ve experienced a rapid overhaul in our means of shopping and ordering. Look at takeaways for example — instead of drawers full of the local takeaways we know about, we’ve got apps filled with up-to-date information on the latest restaurants and outlets that are delivering to our area. We Brits love takeaway, with a known fondness for Chinese, fish
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Engagement Rings — All You Need To Know

You might dream of owning, or proposing with, an engagement ring that’s just like the celebrities’. But, unfortunately, the price tag isn’t within many of our budgets. There are many types of different engagement rings out there, all priced differently. Together with provider of diamond rings, we take a look at the various tiers of engagement rings and see which are the priciest. What are the different types of engagement