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Interviews & Features: Q and A With ‘X-Men: New Mutants’ Actress, YouTube Personality and Instagram Lifestyle Model, Alexandra Creteau

With the coronavirus epidemic stretching into its fourth month, many of us have had to stay in and chill with Netflix or entertain ourselves in watching YouTube tutorials and Instagram stories. Whether it is makeup how-to’s, best movies, catching up on the latest news etc, you’re bound to see a variety of Youtube social media personalities worth subscribing to. Names such as PewDiepie, Canal KondZilla and Marshmello are just some
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5 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Photos

Taking photos for social media can be daunting, especially for those new to the practice. Whether you're trying to capture the perfect selfie, take travel photos, or snap some lifestyle pictures, there are ways to make your shots look truly amazing. From creating the perfect look using a little bit of makeup to getting the lighting right, there are tips you can use to create stunning, engaging social media photos.
India's Top 10 hottest male models
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India’s Top 10 Hottest Male Models List

There are so many female and male Indian models who are breaking the internet with their Instagram updates. We are not here to disclose some average-looking young models, in fact here to talk about the names that have made it to the top and are known to be the hottest of all times disregard of their age. Some of the faces have already entered the acting business be that Bollywood
Instagram Marketing
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Instagram Marketing – A Complete Guide For Business Owners

The popularity of Social media marketing is increasing rapidly due to the plenty of benefits it offers. Many social platforms are out there, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can make use of these platforms to promote your brand or business in a better way. Gone are the days when people advertise their business on TV and newspaper. The introduction of Instagram has made it easier to promote a brand
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Social Media: Choosing The Right #Hashtags For Instagram

Twitter used hashtags for the very first time, but Instagram made tremendous growth in using Instagram hashtag generator, thus making your business grow rapidly. The following are some helpful methods that can help you choose the best hashtags for expanding your account. You can use a hashtag generator for the best ideas. Instagram hashtags can be used to sort the content and helps to increase engagement. They are helpful in
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The Hustle: Dreams of Being an Instagram Model

So, you're sitting at home, looking through IG, and the thought comes into your mind that maybe just maybe, sharing photos of your drawings, baked goods, or your aesthetically-pleasing surroundings, or your selfie-game may pave the way to generate an actual business. Which is extremely relevant now because of COVID-19. It's possible, especially since a key part to it all is to utilize the resources you have That is, as
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No-To-Do List of Instagram

Well, service providers for Instagram, such as Famoid's services, and others can be a great help if you get in touch with them. They help you use this platform in the right way and save you from making unnecessary mistakes. The way this account should be handled includes many tricks and strategies, but along with them, one needs to learn about the things they should avoid doing or accepting. This
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Social Media Marketing: How to build an Instagram audience that works for you

Social media, the most talked, most written and most engaged media for the last couple of years. Day by day the influence of social media upon the personal life of people is increasing. So, business owners are always in search of effective social media marketing tools that convert the traffic to buyers, and this is not easy, to change the motive of social media users. Converting users to buyers or
Buying Instagram Followers
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What You Must Know About Buying Instagram Followers

Buying Instagarm followers is perhaps one of the easiest things to do on the Internet. Type ‘buy Instagarm followers’ and you’ll find a list of thousands of sellers, all claiming to sell credible followers. But, have you ever experienced buying Instagram followers only to find them disappearing after some time? Or, do you find that after buying the followers, your account still remains inactive? Well, it is a very familiar
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How to Get More Followers with Instagram Stories?

  The Stories have completely revolutionized the Instagram landscape, as they have become the preferred way for users to interact. In addition, its prominent place within the application maximizes its visibility. So, let's see some ideas to improve the reach of our Stories and get more Instagram followers through them. ·   Post often. The Stories disappear every 24 hours, so at least it is advisable to publish one a