decorate your home
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How to Decorate Your Home During the Lockdown For COVID-19

Have you found that you are looking up magazines on ways to decorate your home while you are under lock-down? You have nothing to do and the cabin fever is getting to you. You can try to inject freshness into your home as you stay inside, with simple tips and tricks. Think about how to make your home look trendy and then either look around in your garage for items
Is Covid 19 a Well Planned and Executed War
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Is COVID 19 a Well Planned and Executed War Against the Whole World?

Almost everyone has been impacted by COVID-19. There have been awful pandemics like the Flu Pandemic that happened in 1918, killing around 50 million people, the HIV/Aids pandemic between 2005 and 2012 that killed around 36 million people, the Ebola outbreak and many more. But, COVID-19 is one of a kind that has brought down almost every country to its knees leaving them with just one option and that is
Hookup Culture in Europe
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Hookup Culture in Europe to Find a Short Term Partner

European dating and hookup culture in Europe has changed as the hookup culture has taken over the world. From western countries to more traditional Asian countries, one can see its impact. Although in traditional and some Asian countries, it is very hush, but it still occurs. In Europe or western nations people are more open about it and it is completely normal to hookup with someone for one night or
Conduct Self Healing
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The Best Way To Conduct Self Healing After Breakup

Breakups are painful and self healing is one the best way to recover from it. The phenomenon of healing is appreciated worldwide and to conduct self healing is the best way to recover for long term. People have started recognising its power to build mental and physical strength. To help one learn the process of healing, many gurus or meditation practitioners have started to conduct sessions and pass their knowledge
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Relationships: Tips That Really Work For A Memorable First Date

Now that the special someone you asked out has said yes, now you have to plan your memorable first date and make it special for them. It can be a nerve-wracking thing to do. You have to show how much interested you are without appearing to be trying too hard. Also, you wouldn’t want to invest a lot in a relationship that might not work out. To help you get